Deschutes Brewery’s new website

Deschutes Brewery launched their new website at the end of last week, and not only is it much better (and more up-to-date) than their last one, but it also incorporates a lot of the "Web 2.0" stuff that I wish a lot more breweries would adopt. Mainly, blogging; you can … Continue reading

The next Session: December 5th

Yesterday’s Session is barely in the can and already there’s the announcement for next month’s Session (#22), hosted by the 21st Amendment Brewery. 21st Amendment Brewery is thrilled to host The Session in December, and we’ve chosen a topic that’s near and dear to our hearts: the repeal of Prohibition. … Continue reading

The Session #21: What’s your favorite beer?

It’s the first Friday of the month in the beer blogging world and that means it’s time for The Session! Today beer writers and bloggers across the web will partake in the group writing effort, all on a common theme—so it’s the same, but different. This month also marks the … Continue reading

Casco Bay Winter Ale

Earlier in the year, I received Casco Bay Winter Ale (subtitled "Old Port Ale") from the Beer of the Month Club I was a part of; yes, it’s a very late review. This is a Winter Warmer, with 7.3% alcohol by volume. Appearance: Deep amber in color with a thin, … Continue reading

Doggie Claws 2007

Doggie Claws is the winter/Christmas seasonal from Oregon’s Hair of the Dog, a barleywine but with HotD’s typical flair. For example, the label says the beer was made with "dark wild flower honey collected on Mt. Hood." It’s a little thing, I know, but it’s flair. It’s also 11% alcohol … Continue reading

Election day edition

Actually, this is just a catch-all post for a few odds and ends. I don’t really have any election-specific content, though I suppose I’m asking for votes on a topic below… A couple of press releases came in for holiday beers: Pike Brewing‘s Auld Aquaintance and Goose Island‘s Bourbon County … Continue reading

The Abyss is back

That’s right, Deschutes Brewery‘s The Abyss is back this month! The Brewery is kicking off the 2008 edition of this fantastic beer with a pair of launch parties, first in Portland: Friday, November 14th | 10 pm to Midnight Join us at the Deschutes Brewery & Public House in Portland’s … Continue reading