Monthly Archives: November 2008

Ommegang Chocolate Indulgence

Yesterday we were at our friends Paul and Sandi’s for beer, food, and (after the fact) football. Paul had promised a beer that would blow me away, one that I would not expect. I had to write about it (and take pictures), naturally, which I’m always happy to do. I can truly say I didn’t expect them to produce a bottle of Ommegang Chocolate Indulgence—the 10th Anniversary 2007 limited edition stout brewed by Brewery Ommegang … Continue reading →

Beers for Thanksgiving (my pick)

Since Thanksgiving is looming, I’ve seen a few beer posts here and there for what people would pick for their Thanksgiving beers. I figured, what the heck, I’ll throw my hat into that ring too. Coors Original (not Coors Light!): You always have someone who doesn’t (or won’t) drink craft beers, so having some American Macro Lager on hand is necessary. Coors Original (the "banquet beer" which seems somehow appropriate) is one of the best … Continue reading →

Shipyard Imperial Porter

Shipyard Brewing‘s Imperial Porter is one of the two limited edition beers being offered under their Pugsley’s Signature Series. Here’s their own description: Imperial Porter is a full bodied, very dark, malty beer with a good roasted character coming from the Crystal, Chocolate and Black Patent Malts used in the mash. Warrior, English Fuggles, and East Kent Goldings Hops balance the malts with a good hop bite. The beer has an OG of 1.070, rounding … Continue reading →

Press Release: Pike Brewing Company Releases Pike Entire Wood-Aged Stout

Pike Entire is a blend of three beers: Pike’s XXXXX Extra Stout, original gravity 10.73 / alcohol 7.00%; the same beer aged for more than half a year in oak Bourbon barrels; and an Imperial Stout original gravity 10.98 / alcohol 12%. The Entire blend contains 42.7% barrel aged beer and finishes at 9.5% alcohol. The taste is complex with velvety malt tones, a coffee aroma, and a palate and finish of bitter chocolate. The … Continue reading →

Press Release: Admiral’s Ale voted best bottled beer in the World

St Austell Brewery’s Admiral’s Ale has won the ultimate accolade after being voted the best packaged beer in the world. Admiral’s Ale scooped the top award at the International Beer Challenge – held in association with Off Licence News – coming in at number one in their list of the ‘World’s 50 Best Beers’. The event is the largest packaged beer competition in the world and saw UK brewing industry heavyweights including Fullers, Greene King … Continue reading →