Monthly Archives: October 2008

Halloween Week

The third Monday of the month kicks off Theme Week here at The Brew Site, and this month I’ve chosen Halloween to blog about all this week—fun, whimsical, and a topic that you could apply to beer in many ways. And it’s a subject I’ve blogged a bit about before: first back in 2005, then again in 2006. Those posts revolved Halloween-themed (or nearly so) beers, naturally, but there are other things too. Like this … Continue reading →

Received: A trio of Brrr’s

This week while I was elsewhere, a package containing three bottles of Widmer‘s new seasonal, Brrr, arrived: Brrr is the winter seasonal version of Widmer’s W’06 Northwest Red Ale (read the comments from my earlier post), and I’m looking forward to reviewing this one. It also came with a press release, which I’m duplicating here: Widmer Brothers Brewing says “Baby its cold outside!” with its first new winter ale in four years: Brrr. The highly … Continue reading →

Dogtoberfest (2008)

It’s utterly apropos that I drank and am now reviewing the Flying Dog Dogtoberfest that I received the first part of the month: the beer won the Gold medal at the Great American Beer Festival in the “German-Style Märzen” category. Congrats guys! This year’s version is slightly less in alcohol than last year’s (my review here) by half a percentage point to 5.3%. Flying Dog strove to use authentic German ingredients in the beer and … Continue reading →

Mostly out this week, Theme Week the next

This week I’m out of town for the first half of the week, with limited computer access, so don’t expect too many updates (if any). Next week is Theme Week here at The Brew Site, and since it’s October, I’d thought I’d have fun and go with an appropriate topic: Halloween Week. I’ll be blogging about whatever tickles my fancy that I can connect the dots to Halloween and beer.

Great American Beer Festival (2008) winners

The Great American Beer Festival held their coveted awards ceremony yesterday, and by afternoon had the list of winners online; you can view the page here. They have the complete list in PDF format, but I like the searchable format they have on that page too; it makes it easy to pull the list of Oregon winners. All in all, Oregon brewers brought home 19 medals: 9 Gold, 3 Silver, and 7 Bronze. Here’s the … Continue reading →