Monthly Archives: October 2008

Widmer Brrr

I don’t actually remember having Widmer‘s W’06 NW Red Ale, but that’s apparently what their new seasonal Brrr is based on. It’s a 7.2% alcohol in the "Northwest Red" style (although now that it’s a winter seasonal, you’ll see it classified as a Winter Warmer), and you’ll recall that I received three of them. By and large, general reaction to the beer when it first appeared was apathy, or at least "unremarkable." That was the … Continue reading →

Another pumpkin ale recipe (Pumpkin Spice Ale)

Interestingly, my recipe for pumpkin ale from way back in 2004 is the number one result on Google for the search “pumpkin ale recipe”—this time of year I always see the search numbers spike (for good reason). I’ve bragged about this before (yes, I do that from time to time) but I certainly don’t mind pointing to other recipes on the web that sound good. Thus, the posted Pumpkin Spice Ale recipe over on … Continue reading →

Press Release (updated): Newcastle’s Recipes and Entertaining Tips

This is mostly a re-run; I redacted the original press release at the request of the agency that sent it out due to erroneous information. But I’ve since received a six-pack of Newcastle Brown that I’ll be reviewing, and I figure it’s fair to run this updated press release. #1 Imported Ale Partners with Popular Consumer Brands and TV Chef “Sam the Cooking Guy” to Launch a National Grocery Store Campaign Slaving over the bird, … Continue reading →

CHOW on canned beers

Going back through the various links and PR that I was sent and didn’t get to for a week while I was Halloween blogging, and I see CHOW has an article on canned beer. It fits nicely with what I was writing about earlier this year when I did Canned Beer Week. It’s a good, informative article that covers the angles. For instance, here’s the history of craft canned beer in a nutshell: A major … Continue reading →

Halloween Week: Beer trick or treats (okay, PR beers I’ve received)

Even though these beers and this type of post isn’t really a Halloween thing, receiving beer is sort of like trick or treating so I thought I’d include them in Halloween Week, what the heck. The first is a six-pack of Newcastle Brown Ale. You may remember I ran the press release a while back about Newcastle’s "Holiday MAN-ual" for apparently clueless men around the holidays. Here’s the beer I received: The MAN-ual excerpt I … Continue reading →