Fermentation Friday: Homebrewing Horror Stories

This month’s Fermentation Friday (a group blogging meme that revolves around homebrewing) is hosted by Rob at Pfiff! and is appropriately Halloween-themed: Homebrewing horror stories. It’s time for y’all to whip out your best homebrewing horror stories. Extra points for tales of woe told in true campfire fashion, and head … Continue reading

Happy Halloween!

I hope everyone is having a safe (and beery) Halloween! For my part, after going trick-or-treating with the kids, I opened up a bottle of Elysian Night Owl Pumpkin Ale as my "treat." It’s good stuff, but funny thing, though—I notice on the label it says, "Brewed for Elysian Brewing… … Continue reading

Press Release: Craft Beer Gets in Costume for Halloween

Another item about canned craft beer (the second one this week) from 21st Amendment Brewery. They’ve started canning their watermelon beer (formerly "Watermelon Wheat") recently and renamed it to "Hell or High Watermelon"; the rest of the press release is similarly punny. I’m unclear as to why the cans are … Continue reading

More pictures of the Fresh Hop Tasting

My friend Simone, who is a professional photographer, was also at the Fresh Hop Tasting I reviewed yesterday (taking pictures, natch). She left a comment on yesterday’s post pointing to her own blog where she posted a bunch of those photos. Needless to say, they’re better than mine and will … Continue reading

Review: Deschutes Brewery’s Fresh Hop Tasting

Yes, I’m way behind on posting this review, considering the Brewery‘s Tasting was back on October 18th! Too much stuff going on… anyway, the Fresh Hop Tasting was a beer event and showcase for seven (!) fresh hop beers that were all brewed by Deschutes. That’s pretty impressive for one … Continue reading

Widmer Brrr

I don’t actually remember having Widmer‘s W’06 NW Red Ale, but that’s apparently what their new seasonal Brrr is based on. It’s a 7.2% alcohol in the "Northwest Red" style (although now that it’s a winter seasonal, you’ll see it classified as a Winter Warmer), and you’ll recall that I … Continue reading

Another pumpkin ale recipe (Pumpkin Spice Ale)

Interestingly, my recipe for pumpkin ale from way back in 2004 is the number one result on Google for the search “pumpkin ale recipe”—this time of year I always see the search numbers spike (for good reason). I’ve bragged about this before (yes, I do that from time to time) … Continue reading

CHOW on canned beers

Going back through the various links and PR that I was sent and didn’t get to for a week while I was Halloween blogging, and I see CHOW has an article on canned beer. It fits nicely with what I was writing about earlier this year when I did Canned … Continue reading