Press Release: Holiday Ale Festival, December 4-7

“But now they feed them with good cheer, And what they want they take in beer, For Christmas comes but once a year, And then they shall be merry.” – George Wither, A Christmas Carol Holiday Ale Festival celebrates the season with 40 specialty and vintage winter beers from across … Continue reading

Promotional package: Beck’s Oktoberfest

Today I received another promotional beer package, this time being Beck’s Oktoberfest—which will be perfect for next week’s Oktoberfest Week. Beck’s is of course the German beer which is imported and managed by Anheuser-Busch here in the States, but I didn’t know they made an Oktoberfest (although in retrospect it … Continue reading

Promotional package from Kona Brewing: Pipeline Porter

The end of last week I received a package promoting Kona Brewing, for their seasonal Pipeline Porter. In it were two bottles of the beer and a package of Kona coffee. (Picture below, of course.) The connection being, that Pipeline Porter is "brewed with freshly roasted 100% Kona coffee grown … Continue reading

Fresh Hop Tastivals

It’s that harvest time of year again, when the fresh hop beers are beginning to show up, and the Oregon Brewers Guild is teaming up with Oregon Bounty again to bring us the Fresh Hop Beer "Tastivals." I guess they must have been a hit last year, because this time … Continue reading

Theme Weeks abroad

By "abroad", I mean other blogs are picking up the Theme Week baton, and of course, I will tongue-in-cheekingly take credit for inspiring the trend (though of course I didn’t). The Geistbear Brewing Blog has been running an "Italian Beer Week" after discovering a source of Italian craft beer. I’ve … Continue reading

The Session #19: Deutsches Bier

It’s the first Friday for September (already!) so that means it’s time for The Session, the monthly beer blogging event that pulls in bloggers from all over the web to write on a common topic. This month’s topic comes from the lootcorp 3.0 blog: Deutsches Bier: In honor of the … Continue reading

Late Harvest Autumn Ale

It’s September, kids are back in school, and the cooler weather we’ve been having here lately all seem to be angling toward "Fall", so this evening I opened up the bottle of Late Harvest Autumn Ale I received from Redhook (press release). This is definitely hearty enough to be an … Continue reading

Press Release: GonzoFest 2008

Flying Dog Brewery hosts annual throwdown with beer, music and purposeful, provocative irreverance Flying Dog Brewery announces GonzoFest 2008 to occur on September 13 at the Flying Dog Brewery in Frederick, Maryland from 3:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. The annual throwdown will feature live music and host the Hard Times … Continue reading

Press Release: Beck’s Oktoberfest Arrives With Autumn

I actually didn’t know Beck’s made an Oktoberfest beer, so this was educational for me. Warning: their website tries to resize your browser window and asks for age verification. I don’t like either of those behaviors. Authentic German Brew Now Available for a Limited Time; Perfect for Fall Entertaining; Pairs … Continue reading

Weekend beer notes

We had family come into town this weekend for the holiday and ended up spending a fair amount of time visiting the breweries; here are some observations and notes. We didn’t make it out to Sisters for Three Creeks Brewing or over to Cascade Lakes Brewing (based in Redmond but … Continue reading