Monthly Archives: September 2008

CHOW interview with Vinnie Cilurzo

It’s probably not an exaggeration to say that Vinnie Cilurzo of Russian River Brewing is one of the country’s best-known brewers—largely for his extreme-beer cred. (In fact I might go so far as to say he’s a rock star of the brewing world, but people seem to cringe when terminology like that gets thrown around…) Anyway, CHOW magazine is running an interview with Cilurzo that’s a good read; it gets into some of the behind-the-scenes … Continue reading →

Press Release: Samuel Smith’s Winter Welcome Ale 2008-2009

For 19 years, the arrival of Samuel Smith’s Winter Welcome Ale has heralded shorter days and the end of the warm months. Winter Welcome’s rich honey-amber color; creamy, complex flavor and firm strength; the incomparable Samuel Smith signature of great balance and refinement… these are reasons to look forward to fires, warm sweaters, and the cozy days of fall and winter. In England, "winter warmers" — beers of deep richness and higher alcohol — have … Continue reading →

Press Release: Pinkus Jubilate Organic Dark Lager

Merchant du Vin and Pinkus Brewery are proud to announce the introduction of Pinkus Jubilate, a rich dark lager that is Certified Organic by the USDA. First brewed in 1966 to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Pinkus Brewery, Jubilate has not been exported to the US until now. Look for Pinkus Jubilate nationally starting in September. Before the second half of the 19th century, all beers were dark. Jubilate pays tribute to the classic … Continue reading →

Jubelale launch party (2008)

We made it down for the Jubelale Launch Party at the Deschutes Pub this evening, and even though I didn’t get there in time for the toast, I took a few pictures and it was a Jubelale-themed dinner for sure. As promised, there were three variations of Jubelale on tap, plus a bonus: the regular, nitro, and cask conditioned, and on the X-Tap, they had their 2007 Super Jubel—last year’s edition that’s 11% alcohol (double … Continue reading →

21 years of Jubelale

Tomorrow evening, the 23rd, Deschutes Brewery is having a launch party for the 2008 Jubelale release, at both their downtown Bend and Portland pubs. At the Bend pub, three variations of Jubel will be on tap: regular, cask conditioned, and nito. Plus, there’s a special menu planned for the evening (it’s a restaurant too, after all). But what intrigues me the most is the fact that Jubelale is 21 years old this year… and, according … Continue reading →