Oktoberfest Week: The big one starts today!

Today is the first official day of Oktoberfest, and right now thousands of people are milling around Munich right now and the first keg has been tapped. (In fact, according to the official festival site, it’s the 175th Oktoberfest. I wish I could say I planned Theme Week to coincide … Continue reading

Oktoberfest Week: Links and miscellany

Various items of an Oktoberfest nature to ruminate on. First up, Kevin McCloskey submitted this a couple of weeks ago: I’ve never heard of this combination before so I gave it a try. Sam Adams Octoberfest with Guiness. Like a black and tan but changing out the Bass with Octoberfest. … Continue reading

Oktoberfest Week: Bayern Oktoberfest Lager

That’s right, a new beer review tonight rather than a rerun. I found Bayern Oktoberfest Lager today and of course picked some up. Bayern Brewing, based in Montana, bills itself as "the only German microbrewery in the Rockies" and brews strictly according to the Reinheitsgebot. Check out the beer’s pedigree, … Continue reading

Oktoberfest Week: Re-review: Spaten Oktoberfest

Last year about this time I reviewed another classic example of the Oktoberfest style: Spaten Oktoberfest (green bottle version). Even though there’s a brown bottle edition, the green is what seems to be the most widely available, at least around here—Costco is currently selling it by the case and it’s … Continue reading

Oktoberfest Week: Re-review: JosephsBrau Oktoberfest

Another past review of an Oktoberfest beer, this one from 2006: JosephsBrau Oktoberfest. The JosephsBrau line of beers is the one contracted by Trader Joe’s and brewed by Gordon Birsch; generally I find they have varying quality and I found this one lacking for the style—though at the time it … Continue reading

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Oktoberfest Week: Re-review: Paulaner Oktoberfest-Märzen

This week as part of Oktoberfest Week I’ll actually be re-running some past reviews of various Oktoberfest-style beers—it turns out I’ve written reviews on at least seven beers in the style already. I know, I know, it feels a bit like cheating, but I figure, it’s a good, available resource, … Continue reading

Oktoberfest Week: Beck’s Oktoberfest

Tonight I opened up one of the promotional bottles of Beck’s Oktoberfest that I received last week (though not the one with the snap-on stein handle). All of the Beck’s line of beers are brewed by Brauerei Beck in Germany and imported to the U.S. by Anheuser-Busch. According to the … Continue reading

Oktoberfest Week

It’s Oktoberfest Week here at The Brew Site! All this week the blogging will be related to the world’s biggest and best-known beer festival, culminating in the actual start of this year’s Oktoberfest, September 20th. Of course, people always wonder why Oktoberfest starts in September when the name clearly implies … Continue reading

The next Session announced (#20!)

The announcement for the next Session is up over at Bathtub Brewery (can you believe it’s going to be the 20th Session already?!?): Beer and Memories. Is there a beer that reminds you of a specific memory? If you’re thinking, “Huh?” then you might want to craft your response along … Continue reading

A Brew Basement to drool over

I’ve been enjoying The Brew Basement blog for a while now and one of the things I’ve always wondered is what the actual "basement" looks like and (for lack of a better term) how it works (what capacity, anything special done to cellar the beers, etc.). Wonder no more! The … Continue reading