Monthly Archives: September 2008

Beery social networks

I got an email notifying me of a new beer-related social networking site: the Kegerator Social Network. I haven’t checked it out yet but at first blush it looks fairly standard as far as the social networking scene goes: members, photo sharing, events, groups, etc.—everything we’ve come to expect thanks to the likes of MySpace and Facebook. It got me to thinking of other existing beer social network sites out there, too, and right off … Continue reading →

Bam Bière

I’m finally digging back a bit on the older reviews I have notes on but haven’t written up here. Tonight it’s Jolly Pumpkin‘s Bam Bière, a Farmhouse Ale from the Michigan brewery. Jolly Pumpkin has been making a name for themselves by brewing in a style that I guess I’d call "rustic Belgian"—something unusual for American brewers. They employ open fermentation vessels and are liberal with their use of yeasts—Brett-liberal, I want to say. Bam … Continue reading →

Three Creeks Brewing Company

On Saturday we finally made it over to Sisters to visit Three Creeks Brewing Company. It’s the newest microbrewery to open in Central Oregon (I’d been reporting variously on it) and the first to be established in the small town of Sisters (population: 1706). So I took my camera and my notebook along and have the official review. We were meeting our friends Paul and Sandi (and a friend of theirs from out of town) … Continue reading →

Fermentation Friday: Indigenous ingredients

It’s Fermentation Friday today—a homebrewing-themed group blogging effort that takes place on the last Friday of the month. Somehow I missed the announcement and lost track of the days and nearly missed participating. This month’s topic is brought to us by the FinalGravity blog: What indigenous brewing ingredient have you used or would you like to brew with and what style would that beer be? The special ingredient may be something that grows wild, is … Continue reading →

Received: Jack’s Pumpkin Spice Ale

Late yesterday I received a sample bottle of this year’s Jack’s Pumpkin Spice Ale, the fall seasonal offering from Anheuser-Busch. I reviewed this beer last year as was lukewarm on it, but even so, I get all excited when the pumpkin beers come out and yes, I’m anxious to crack this one open and see how it is.