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Colorful Beer Week: Holy Mackerel Mack in Black

Holy Mackerel Mack in Black is one of the beers I found and drank last week in Florida—that is, it’s a genuine Florida-brewed beer. The pedigree on this beer is interesting; it’s nominally produced by Gordash Beer Company, but in fact they’re a beer marketing company and they actually contracted with the Florida Beer Company (in Melbourne, Florida) to brew the beer. The other thing about this beer is the subtitle on the bottle and … Continue reading →

Colorful Beer Week: Past "colorful" reviews

Before I dig into some new reviews for Colorful Beer Week, I thought I’d troll the archives and point to a bunch of old reviews I’ve done for colorfully-named beers. Brown Shugga Beertown Brown Flying Dog’s Woody Creek White Red Barn Ale from Lost Abbey Sharkbite Red from Port Brewing Deschutes 19th Anniversary Golden Ale Cedar River Amber Ale Midas Touch Golden Elixir Black Boss Porter Gluten free Dragon’s Gold Pabst Blue Ribbon (from American … Continue reading →

Press Release: Deschutes Brewery Introduces Gluten Free Golden Ale

Here’s a press release that could even tie in with my Colorful Beer Week this month (it’s a "Golden" Ale). I remember seeing this beer on the Brewery’s Pub-exclusive list; apparently they were experimenting with the recipe. Pity it’s going to be draft-only, though; bottling something like this could be a big hit, I think. (And check out the ingredients they’re using!) Bringing Good Beer to Oregon’s Celiacs Deschutes Brewery is staying true to its … Continue reading →

Colorful Beer Week

For this month’s Theme, I decided to go whimsical and ended up with "Colorful Beer Week": essentially, the only criteria is that I’m writing about beers with a color somewhere in the title. Or style. For instance, off the top of my head styles "named" after a color: Belgian white (wit) beers; Schwarzbiers (black beers); red ales; and, obviously, brown ales. Of course, I’m still catching up on my blogging, so this Theme Week will … Continue reading →

Press Release: National Waitrose deal announced as Tribute named as one of UK’s top ten ales

St Austell Brewery is celebrating a triple success for its flagship Tribute Ale after it was named as one of the UK’s top ten ales, clinched a national sales deal with Waitrose and smashed its sales records for the seventh successive year. Tribute’s achievement in making it into the coveted top ten of the UK’s premium cask ales is based on sales volumes in Britain’s pubs and means it is the first Cornwall- or Devon-brewed … Continue reading →