Back with a full week ahead

After a week of spotty internet connections and other priorities, I’m back at the blog wheel this week with some catching up to do and a bunch of stuff to blog. The previous week was spent in Florida on family business and while I wish I could have spent some … Continue reading

Not much this week

Some things beyond our general control have come up, and as a result there will be little or no blogging this week. Well, perhaps not entirely; there are some news items that came through today that I may find time to post. We’ll see. In the meantime, drink a beer … Continue reading

Budweiser American Ale promotional package

I am awash in promotional beers and materials. Today I received the Budweiser American Ale package from Anheuser-Busch—it’s their first ale brewed, ever, under the Budweiser label. I’ll be running the official press release too, but first I wanted to post the pictures of the package. You see, it wasn’t … Continue reading

Long Hammer IPA on a summer evening

I cracked open the promotional bottle of Long Hammer IPA the other night and enjoyed it while sitting out on the back patio. I didn’t do a formal review this time around, but I can definitely say there were juicy hop notes, enjoyable toasted malt character, and it’s easily drinkable … Continue reading

The next Session: Deutsches Bier

The next Session, which takes place in September, has been announced over on lootcorp 3.0: Deutsches Bier. In honor of the start of Oktoberfest, I’ve decided to make September’s topic Deutsches Bier – German beer. I want you all to focus on the wonderful contributions our German neighbors have made … Continue reading

Widmer PR package

On Friday I received an unexpected package containing beer: Widmer Hefeweizen, to be exact. You can see in the picture below, that the package contained two bottles of Hefe, a custom Widmer Hefe glass, and two lemons. Plus their Press Kit booklet—more on that in a moment. Now, I’m not … Continue reading