Monthly Archives: August 2008

Catching up on the press releases…

So you all have probably noticed that I just ran two press releases, and I have at least two more to run (tomorrow). I’m still going through a backlog of email that accumulated while I was gone a week and more stuff seems to keep coming in. I know the press releases don’t make as exciting reading as my own original content, but on the other hand I think it’s an interesting glimpse into the … Continue reading →

Press Release: Batemans Brewery Returns to the USA Market

Batemans Good Honest Ales® Return to U.S. After 10-Year Absence Arrival Scheduled for September 2008 Batemans Brewery of Wainfleet, Lincolnshire, England and SBS-Imports of Seattle, Washington are pleased to announce the return of Batemans Ales to United States after a ten-year absence. Batemans flagship Triple XB (XXXB) Classic Pale Ale and Batemans Combined Harvest Multigrain Beer will arrive in late September.

Press Release: St Austell Brewery joins Gold rush

St Austell Brewery are delighted to announce they have won two “Gold Awards” for their bottled ale Proper Job and Admirals Ale in the prestigious Taste of the West Awards. The two brews could not be more different in flavour and style. Proper Job is a 5.5% abv traditional IPA brewed using lashings of hops to create a golden bitter ale packed full of citrus overtones. Admirals Ale is 5% abv and is a much … Continue reading →

Budweiser American Ale

There’s been a number of people waiting to hear my review/verdict on the new Budweiser American Ale—Anheuser-Busch‘s first foray into ale brewing under the Budweiser label. So here we go. At the risk of ruining the surprise, I’ll come right out of the gate confirming that this is a straight-up American Amber style of ale (Jeff called it in his ruminations on that very subject). Personally, the American Amber is one of my favorite styles … Continue reading →

Wildfire Brewing has to change its name

Bend, Oregon-based Wildfire Brewing (who just celebrated their one year anniversary) is going to have to change their name. The news didn’t appear locally (i.e., here in Central Oregon), rather from an online news site based in Montana: Bend’s Wildfire Brewery Forced To Change Name. Wildfire restaurants – a chain of eateries with locations in Illinois, Minnesota, Virginia and Georgia – sent a letter earlier this month to the owners of Wildfire Brewery informing them … Continue reading →