Colorful Beer Week: Final thoughts

Wrapping up another Theme Week with some stats and musings… By my rough count, here’s the breakdown of colors that I’ve reviewed here (including this week’s): Amber 2 Black 3 Blue 4 Brown 4 Gold(en) 4 Green 1 Red (incl Crimson) 5 White 3 Most of these are colors you’d … Continue reading

Colorful Beer Week: Full Sail Nut Brown Ale

Full Sail Brewing periodically releases their "Brewmaster Reserve" series of beers, and their Nut Brown Ale is one of the more recent (released in March originally). This is a pretty straightforward Brown Ale, nice and nutty, and comes in at 6% alcohol. (Remember, even special releases don’t have to be … Continue reading

Colorful Beer Week: Holy Mackerel Special Golden Ale

The Special Golden Ale (2008 vintage) is the other Gordash Beer Company beer that I tried while in Florida last week. It’s brewed in the style of a Belgian strong ale, and settles in at 8.5% alcohol. With that strength and the vintage note on the bottle, the brewer notes … Continue reading

Colorful Beer Week: Blue Boar

Even though the label itself claims "Pale Ale", Henry Weinhard’s Blue Boar could be considered different styles, depending on where you look. BeerAdvocate says, for instance, that it’s a Cream Ale. The Blitz-Weinhard site itself claims a "light, Irish-style ale." And RateBeer backs up the Pale Ale assertion on the … Continue reading

Colorful Beer Week: Red Thistle Ale

Red Thistle Ale is the flagship beer from Oregon’s excellent Golden Valley Brewery (read my review). Their site describes it as a "Celtic Ale" but it’s really an American Amber in style, nicely drinkable at 5.4% alcohol. Notes from their site: The Hops added to the kettle are Chinook, Liberty, … Continue reading

Colorful Beer Week: Holy Mackerel Mack in Black

Holy Mackerel Mack in Black is one of the beers I found and drank last week in Florida—that is, it’s a genuine Florida-brewed beer. The pedigree on this beer is interesting; it’s nominally produced by Gordash Beer Company, but in fact they’re a beer marketing company and they actually contracted … Continue reading

Colorful Beer Week: Past "colorful" reviews

Before I dig into some new reviews for Colorful Beer Week, I thought I’d troll the archives and point to a bunch of old reviews I’ve done for colorfully-named beers. Brown Shugga Beertown Brown Flying Dog’s Woody Creek White Red Barn Ale from Lost Abbey Sharkbite Red from Port Brewing … Continue reading

Press Release: Deschutes Brewery Introduces Gluten Free Golden Ale

Here’s a press release that could even tie in with my Colorful Beer Week this month (it’s a "Golden" Ale). I remember seeing this beer on the Brewery’s Pub-exclusive list; apparently they were experimenting with the recipe. Pity it’s going to be draft-only, though; bottling something like this could be … Continue reading

Colorful Beer Week

For this month’s Theme, I decided to go whimsical and ended up with "Colorful Beer Week": essentially, the only criteria is that I’m writing about beers with a color somewhere in the title. Or style. For instance, off the top of my head styles "named" after a color: Belgian white … Continue reading