Monthly Archives: August 2008

Fermentation Friday: The best beer

Today (after a late start for me) is Fermentation Friday, a group blogging effort for which beer bloggers write on a given homebrewing topic. This month’s topic comes from The Panhandle Beer Snob and Redneck Brewery: What, in the opinion of others, is the best beer you have ever made and why? It may be the beer that friends always want, the one that has done well in competition, or the one your significant other … Continue reading →

Recently received

Chronicling a couple of the recent PR packages I’ve received, one which actually came two weeks ago while we were in Florida and one that came yesterday. First up is the Michelob beers… which, for some reason, I didn’t take a picture of. Two bottles: Michelob Pale Ale and Michelob Dunkel Weisse. I’ve reviewed their Pale Ale in the past, but I’ll definitely pass along further impressions on this one. The Dunkel Weisse is new, … Continue reading →

The Dissident: September 2nd

Speaking of Deschutes (right on the heels of the previous post press release), they twittered last night—and have an update on their home page—that The Dissident is bottled, waxed, and will be available on September 2nd: After much anticipation, Deschutes Brewery is proud to introduce its wildest brew yet – The Dissident. Arguing for more time in the cellar, this Reserve Series beer is anything but conventional. Fermented for more than 18 months in isolation … Continue reading →

Press Release: Deschutes Brewery’s HOP TRIP 2008

It’s hard to believe it’s nearly that time of year already… Now with Salmon-Safe Certified Fresh Hops Deschutes Brewery’s fresh hop pale ale, Hop Trip, returns to the Bond Street Series line-up this October for its fourth season. This is a much-awaited return for the Deschutes team, as the arrival of the just-picked fresh hops brings a strikingly intense aroma to the brewery that only comes once a year when the brewers are able to … Continue reading →

Press Release: Redhook Late Harvest Autumn Ale Warms Up the West

Redhook Fall Seasonal Beer Now Available Nationwide, Debuts New Packaging Looking ahead to cooler weather and falling leaves, Redhook Ale Brewery will soon release its Late Harvest Autumn Ale, set to be on store shelves across the country August through October. With new packaging this year that continues to feature classic fall iconography including an owl and a full moon, Late Harvest will be available for the first time throughout the West Coast. “Redhook seasonal … Continue reading →