No Theme Week this month

In case it’s not obvious by this point, I’m skipping Theme Week for July. No particular reason other than a kind of "summer vacation" and this month has been kind of all over the place—and this week in particular, there’s a lot going on. Blogging will otherwise continue as normal.

Yesterday (July 18th) was International Brewers Day

I can’t believe I missed blogging about it (yesterday turned into a really busy, hectic day), but yesterday was International Brewers Day. Haven’t heard of that holiday yet? Don’t worry, you will—even though it’s not an official holiday yet, I suspect that will change. IBD is the brainchild of Jay … Continue reading

New blog following a brewery start-up

I don’t know if I’d call starting a small brewery a "start-up" (like a Bay Area tech company or something) but I like it. Joey of Cigar City Brewing writes: I’m opening a small batch brewery in Tampa, FL and when I started I decided that I’d blog the entire … Continue reading

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Anchor Christmas Ale 2007

Christmas in July? No, not really, just the review—I drank this back in March. Regardless, this was the 2007 vintage of Anchor’s Christmas Ale (formally known as Our Special Ale), which, as many doubtless know, is a seasonal offering brewed from a different recipe every year. Shockingly, I think this … Continue reading

Chapeau Banana Lambic

I don’t know whether Brouwerij De Troch‘s fruit lambics are any more "authentic" than Lindemans, but I picked up a bottle of their Chapeau Banana Lambic when we did our last trip to John’s Marketplace earlier in the year simply because it intrigued me. Apparently they have an extensive line … Continue reading

InBev, Anheuser-Busch

You can’t hardly swing a dead cat around the beer blogosphere the last couple of days without running into chatter about the InBev takeover of Anheuser-Busch. (Latest news: A-B accepted the offer at $70/share, or about $52 billion.) I’ve avoided writing about any of it (until now) because, frankly, I’d … Continue reading

Woody – the Deschutes Barrel – images

I’ve written a few times about Deschutes Brewery‘s traveling barrel, "Woody"… I think the thing is endlessly amusing and a great marketing tool. This weekend, at the Bend Summer Festival, I finally saw it, and snapped off a few pictures. (I also had a couple cups of their 20th Anniversary … Continue reading

Liquid Solutions

I’ve briefly mentioned Liquid Solutions in passing in the past; it’s one of the best online beer stores out there—indeed, it’s one of the only beer stores that I’ve found online. (Which, in this day of ubiquitous ecommerce, you’d think there would be more of…) Liquid Solutions has an impressively … Continue reading

The next Session: Happy Anniversary

The next Session (#18) is coming to us August 1st courtesy of The Barley Blog: For August, the theme is “Happy Anniversary”. Use this as an excuse to celebrate. Open a limited release anniversary beer from your favorite brewer. Enjoy that special beer you normally only open on your wedding … Continue reading

PR package for Long Hammer IPA

Going along with the press release about new packaging for Redhook‘s Long Hammer IPA, I received a package from their PR company containing, naturally, beer. The 22-ounce bottle of Long Hammer came in a neat wooden box with a copy of the press release and a glossy press kit pamphlet. … Continue reading