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Brewing up innovation

It’s not the first time it’s seen the light of day, but when was the last time you heard of an "India Pale Lager"? Yeah, me neither—it’s a new one to me too, but according to our local Central Oregon weekly, Silver Moon Brewing produced Noble India Pale Lager as a summer draft seasonal. Tyler and the boys over at Silver Moon, though, went in the other direction for their latest specialty beer, the Noble … Continue reading →

Three Creeks Brewing, in depth

The new local Three Creeks Brewing Company gets a nice write-up and review in the Sisters (Oregon) weekly "The Nugget." The house brew master, Dave Fleming, has a dozen years’ experience in the business, including the well-known (at least, to this correspondent) "Lucky Lab" in Portland and McMenamin’s St. Francis School location in Bend…. Currently there are three house brews on tap: "Knotty Blonde;" "Old Prospector Ale;" and Fleming’s own creation, "India Black Ale." Underwood … Continue reading →

OBF link roundup, part 3

This is the final post of links, I think. Jeff’s final roundup Jay’s post and pictures for Thursday (which he forgot to post at first) It looks like 2008 was officially the biggest year ever for the OBF That does it (for now). I’m a little bummed that I missed it but there will be other years.

OBF link roundup, part 2

More links! Jeff has more notes, rants and raves about the Fest (interesting notes on avoiding post-drinking ravages, too) More from the Beer Geek blog, wherein they also volunteered at the Fest My Beer Pix persisted in running pictures in real time—and don’t forget their wrap-up, either It’s Pub Night has their write-up John Foyston posted pictures here and here Hops & Barley Blog has an economic take on the Fest Jay talks about Friday … Continue reading →

OBF link roundup

Yes, I’m late getting back to this topic—in fact, I’m only just now starting to catch up on my blog reading to compile these links. Without further ado, the first of several link roundup on this year’s Oregon Brewers Festival. Jeff at Beervana starts with an excellent breakdown of the numbers Portland Beer has pictures of the Brewers Dinner that took place the night before the fest opened Jeff again, offering his first impressions of … Continue reading →