The SessionThe Next Session: July 4th

Rob over at Pfiff! has announced Session #17: Going Against the Grain Bill: Solstice Edition. An enigmatic title like that deserves some explanation: The subject for July’s Session could be summed up thusly: Drinking anti-seasonally. Think of this as the unorthodox cousin of such topics as "beer and food" and … Continue reading

ReviewsTwilight Ale (2008)

I opened up the Twilight Ale I received from Deschutes this evening and quite enjoyed it. According to the Brewery, it’s made with a “harmonious blend of four hops” and is dry hopped with Amarillo hops. At only 5% alcohol by volume, it’s an excellent summertime session beer. Appearance: Light, … Continue reading

Theme WeekNext week is Theme Week

That’s right, next week is the third Monday of the month—which seems to have zoomed in quickly this month—so that means it’s Theme Week here at the Brew Site. All next week I’ll be blogging about beers related to a chosen theme, which is… Wheat Beers. (First one of many … Continue reading

ReviewsShakespeare Stout

I’ve written about Rogue‘s Shakespeare Stout before. In particular, I named it one of the "50 Beers to Drink Before You Die" and also mentioned it as a desert isle pick. Since it had been awhile since I’d drank one, I picked up a bottle back in March (which is … Continue reading

EventsThe Session #16: Beer Festivals

The first Friday of the month means it’s time for the group beer blogging session known, appropriately enough, as The Session! This month’s theme is courtesy of Geistbear Brewing Blog: Beer Festivals: As Summer approaches we are in full swing of beer festival season, so it seemed the perfect topic … Continue reading

UncategorizedTwilight Ale from Deschutes

I nearly forgot to mention that last Friday, I received a promotional package of Twilight Ale from Deschutes Brewery (following up on this press release I ran a few weeks ago). That’s their lighter, 5% summer seasonal and it’s just being released… I haven’t drank any of the promo beers … Continue reading

ReviewsKulmbacher Eisbock

I don’t recall for sure, but Kulmbacher Eisbock may well be the first true Eisbock I’ve had. Like the Pils, this came in my February Beer of the Month selection (via Shelton Brothers). It’s a very respectable 9.2% alcohol by volume, and I must say I really quite liked it—I … Continue reading

ReviewsKulmbacher Pilsner

I’ve got a backlog of beer review notes that I haven’t posted yet—things get behind when I’m trying to keep up with current releases and such—so tonight’s review of Kulmbacher Pilsner is one of those. This is from the Beer of the Month Club selection that I’d received in February. … Continue reading

EventsChocolate Beer Pairing Dinner: Deschutes Brewery

Last night my wife and I attended Deschutes Brewery‘s Chocolate Beer Pairing Dinner, a five-course chocolate-themed event that paired excellent food with some of the Brewery’s latest chocolate-inspired beers. As I’d mentioned previously, I got an invite to attend on the house, and fortunately we were able to make it. … Continue reading