Monthly Archives: June 2008

Received from Deschutes Brewery today…

A UPS package arrived from Deschutes Brewery today, containing the two newest bottles that I’ve mentioned to death here lately: Black Butte XX and 20th Anniversary Wit. They’re in the fridge now, though I likely won’t have a chance to drink and review them until next week. But I’m practically rubbing my hands together and cackling maniacally over them.

Press Release: Honk. Honk. Announcing Woody’s Return

Yes, another Deschutes press release. I know things have been getting top-heavy with Deschutes items around here, but hey—they’re sending me press releases. You want me to run stuff? Send it on. Deschutes Brewery’s Traveling Beer Barrel Hits the Road Deschutes Brewery proudly announces the triumphant return of its one-of-a-kind, custom dreamboat, “Woody,” the big wooden barrel. Emerging from a spring training tour through Portland, Las Vegas and the banks of Central Oregon’s Deschutes River, … Continue reading →

Press Release: Deschutes Brewery Celebrates 20 Years of Great Beer

I know this sounds pretty much like last month’s press release for the Deschutes 20th anniversary, but it in fact details actual things going on. Deschutes founder and president Gary Fish will be around, too. Incidentally, according to the Brewery’s Now Pouring page, both 20th anniversary highlighted beers—their Wit and Black Butte XX—are on tap right now. Right now. To celebrate 20 years of creating some of the world’s finest craft brews, Deschutes Brewery is … Continue reading →

Wheat Beer Week: Crystal Wheat Ale

This is a late entry for Wheat Beer Week, originally intended for last Friday. But I was out of town without internet access so I’m running it today. Another beer from Pyramid Brewing; this Crystal Wheat Ale is fairly recent I think—there’s nothing about it on their website—and according to the bottled it’s based on their original Wheaten Ale that they first brewed in 1984. (Indeed this was one of their first beers ever.) It’s … Continue reading →

Wheat Beer Week: Samuel Adams Cherry Wheat

I picked up the Samuel Adams "Summer Styles Mix Pack" from Costco last week, which includes their Cherry Wheat. This beer has been around awhile but it’s the first time I’ve had it. Their website proclaims: Samuel Adams Cherry Wheat® follows the centuries old American tradition of brewing beer with native ingredients, in this case Michigan cherries as well as a touch of honey. The sweet fruitiness of the cherries is balanced against the crisp, … Continue reading →