Monthly Archives: May 2008

Theme Week this Monday

This month seems to have flown by already, and Monday starts the third week—AKA Theme Week here at The Brew Site. For May’s theme, I’m taking a somewhat different tack that previous ones, in that I’m not writing about beers (or their styles) directly. Instead, it’s going to be Gear and Gadgets Week—all beer-themed gear and gadgets, of course. More on that Monday.

Press Release: Deschutes Brewery Releases Twilight Ale

Hard to believe it’s already that time of year. Twilight Ale is definitely one of the locals’ favorites. June’s impending arrival signals the return of Deschutes Brewery’s summer seasonal, Twilight Ale. Employing four different hop varieties, the hints of citrus in this lively, crisp ale guarantee an easy-drinking beer that quenches the thirst of summer like no other. Dry-hopping with bold Amarillos provides the perfect finishing touch. Twilight Ale is a refreshing choice whether consumed … Continue reading →

Kerberos Tripel

I cracked open the Kerberos Tripel tonight, from the Flying Dog promo package I received last Friday. It’s Flying Dog’s version of a Belgian, er, Tripel style of ale, and they’ve put some effort into recreating the "Tripel experience." (I just made that up. Basically, they’ve tried to be faithful to the style by using appropriate malts, European hops and even taking the unusual step—unusual for a big brewery anyway—of bottle conditioning the beer.) Flying … Continue reading →

So it’s American Craft Beer Week…

…an event which I’ve blogged about in the past but somehow managed to sneak up on me this year. I must be losing my touch! American Craft Beer Week (May 12-18), which is celebrated annually, highlights the industry and culture of craft beer. This year, breweries and beer makers will also recognize their collective charitable contributions. For the first time ever, the Brewers Association announced U.S. craft breweries’ charitable contributions, and for 2007 they are … Continue reading →

Nice writeup on Tonya Cornett

Earlier in the week a nice writeup of Tonya Cornett of Bend Brewing Company hit the Oregonian, and it’s been making the rounds. Cornett is the first female brewer to win a Champion Brewmaster award at the World Beer Cup this year, which is the occasion for the article. Congrats, Tonya! (Belatedly.)