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Gear and Gadgets Week: Retro toy: The Brew Master

I’m calling this gadget a "retro toy" because while the concept is fun to play with, the technology (on this particular item) is a good decade behind the times. What I’m talking about is the "Brew Master" from Excalibur Electronics (and it doesn’t seem to be available anymore from them, even). Background: Some time back (a few years ago, I think) I picked up the "Brew Master" from an ultra-clearance rack at J.C. Penney. Even … Continue reading →

Gear and Gadgets Week: Beer Pong

I’ve never written about beer pong here before because, frankly, it’s really not about beer as much as it is a (college) drinking game. But, I received an email lately promoting this—an inflatable "Poolside Pong Table" (with tote bag)—I figured it’s worth a look for G&G Week. (And, I could educate myself beyond my layman’s conception of the game.) Let me just say that, after doing a little digging, I had no idea how involved … Continue reading →

Gear and Gadgets Week: The inflatable pub

An oldie but a goodie; Pete Brown discovered the inflatable pub recently, but Chris from Hail the Ale! first blogged about it back in 2005. The cool thing, though, is the fact that the manufacturer of the thing has multiple models available—and others "in concept." (Check out the Tiki bar and the Saloon concept below.) They’re like bouncy houses for adults!

Gear and Gadgets Week

This week it’s something a little bit different: it’s Gear and Gadgets Week for Theme Week and instead of writing about beer directly, I’ll be writing about the various odds and ends and accoutrements related to beer. (Though no, despite the image I used in the logo badge there, I won’t be writing about the beer helmet. I mean, the image is immediately identifiable, yes, but really.) This idea came about because at one point … Continue reading →

Wild Goose IPA

Wild Goose IPA was in the PR package I received from Flying Dog; on the surface, this English-style India Pale Ale doesn’t seem to have anything to do with Flying Dog but as it turns out, FD owns the Wild Goose Brewery in Maryland. Its inclusion in the package is due to the gold medal it received at this year’s World Beer Cup (in, you guessed it, the English IPA category). With that in mind, … Continue reading →