Silver Moon is bottling

Central Oregon brewpub Silver Moon Brewing—whom I’ve mentioned several times around these parts—has broken through the "brewpub boundaries" and is bottling some of their beers in 22-ounce bombers. (Previously, you could find growlers at some of the better-beer-selection stores around here.) My friends Paul and Sandi had mentioned this to … Continue reading

Flying Dog PR (six-)package

Friday I received the latest promotional package from Flying Dog: six beers highlighting the new Kerberos Tripel release, the new Canis Major 4-Pack container (containing one each of their Canis Major series, of which Kerberos is one), and two additional beers that won awards at this year’s World Beer Cup. … Continue reading

The June Session

The June Session has been announced over at Geistbear Brewing Blog: Beer Festivals. As Summer approaches we are in full swing of beer festival season, so it seemed the perfect topic for the June Session. Do you have a favorite beer festival you like to attend or a particular memory … Continue reading

Anyone need some homebrewing equipment?

This really only applies, I suppose, if you’re local to (Central) Oregon. But my friend Simone is having a big garage sale this weekend, and they’re getting rid of some homebrewing equipment, and as a favor I’m running the list here if anyone’s interested: Primary Fermenter (5 gallon carboy) Stainless … Continue reading

PR for Magners Irish Cider

I get various press releases and such sent to me, most of which I run, but they’re always about beer. But today, I got one promoting Magners Irish Cider. I’m out of the cider loop, so even though it’s a typical PR piece, it was interesting enough for me to … Continue reading

ReviewsDeep Cover Brown Ale

Deep Cover Brown Ale. Left Hand Brewing. I hate to say it, but right off the bat Left Hand commits the cardinal website sin: an all-Flash site. Even worse, the front “page” of the site is an age verification check—and regular readers know how I just love those. I hate … Continue reading

Press Release: Not Until You’re 21

This isn’t the typical type of press release I usually get from Anheuser-Busch; but it’s a worthwhile effort so I’m running it. As Teens Gear Up for Prom and Graduation, Retailers Employ Tools to Prevent Sales to Minors “No Sale, No How, No Way.” It’s what teens who may attempt … Continue reading

Trader José’s

Consider this my Cinco de Mayo post—though I actually missed the boat on the beer and was drinking some "Jose Cuervo Golden" margaritas. (The pre-mixed one they sell, rather than homemade.) Last week I noticed Trader Joe’s had two new house beers under the label "Trader José’s." They’re Mexican style … Continue reading

Otter Creek Pale Ale

Otter Creek Pale Ale is the pale offering from the Vermont brewery of the same name. At 4.6% alcohol, it’s definitely an easy-drinking session beer. (I had received this as one of the February Beer of the Month beers.) Appearance: Clear and copper-colored; head was generous and off-white, though fell … Continue reading

The Session #15: How it all started

First Friday of the month means it’s time for The Session! That’s when (beer) bloggers across the web all write about a selected theme having to do with beer. This month’s topic comes to us from London-based Boak and Bailey: How did it all start for you? Continuing the “Beervangelism” … Continue reading