Monthly Archives: May 2008

Press Release: Deschutes Brewery Celebrates 20th Anniversary

It’s gonna be a party next month! In addition to the two beers mentioned in the press release below, Deschutes is having their 20th Anniversary Party at their Public House on Friday, June 27th (starting at 5), and their 5th Annual Open House & 20th Anniversary Celebration the following day (Saturday) from noon to 4 at their brewing facility. I’ve had a taste of the XX (see here), but somehow I missed the Wit every … Continue reading →

Gear and Gadgets Week: Personal breathalyzer

This is the ultimate gadget to save you from making a big, big mistake—driving after having had too much to drink. As most people know, alcohol affects people in different ways; the effects of three beers on one person can be vastly different in another. Simply put, there’s no easy way to define how much is too much. Hence, the personal breathalyzer; an objective method of measuring your blood alcohol content. Keep it handy in … Continue reading →

Gear and Gadgets Week: The Church Key

By which of course I mean the ubiquitous bottle opener, the one thing every household has, and every serious beer drinker has multiples of. Myself, aside from the usual types of bottle openers, have a variety with different features: a beer mug themed one (magnet to stick to the fridge), which the handle has sadly broken; a keychain opener which goes everywhere with me; one with a built-in bottle stopper/cover; and two talking openers (yes, … Continue reading →

Gear and Gadgets Week: Geeky pint glasses

I’ve always been partial to the "#include <beer.h>" pint glasses from ThinkGeek. It’s the nerd in me, and unless you’ve done any computer programming, you probably won’t totally get the reference, but still: Our Microbrew glass will hold 12 ounces of fermented yeast and malted barley. Ironically, beer is not included in our include beer glass. Oh well. What’s not to like? Singly, they’re $5.99; or $16.99 for four.

Gear and Gadgets Week: Past bloggings

I’ve blogged a few things in the past that belong in the "gear and gadgets" category, so I thought I’d dig them up and point to them again. Back in 2005 I pointed to the Haier BrewMaster Beer Dispenser ( link—the original Best Buy link isn’t working because BB is apparently down as I write this)—a roughly-portable mini-fridge kegerator. Only $720.04 on Amazon right now! (Still drooling, a little bit.) Clever but extravagant: the beer-pouring … Continue reading →