Homebrew Blogging Day: I remember when I started homebrewing

Here’s my homebrewing-themed post for the inaugural Homebrew Blogging Day, as launched by Adam on the Beer Bits 2 blog: "I remember when I started homebrewing." It was the mid-nineties, and I was just discovering good beer. (You can read about that in this month’s earlier Session.) My friend Justin … Continue reading

Old Scratch Amber Lager

Ah, some more Flying Dog goodness. Old Scratch is one of their mainstay beers, a 5.5% ABV lager that has some strong German roots but has the uniquely American twist: it’s a steam beer—that is, a California Common of the "Anchor Steam" variety. That means, even though it’s a lager, … Continue reading

Double Dog Double Pale Ale

Flying Dog‘s Double Dog Double Pale Ale is one of the Canis Major series of (extreme) beers that I received in the promo pack earlier this month. I’ve been seeing reviews of this beer pop up occasionally on the blogs and they’ve all been positive so I was eager to … Continue reading

Deschutes Chocolate Beer Pairing Dinner

This Saturday, May 31st, Deschutes Brewery is hosting a Chocolate Beer Pairing Dinner. It starts at 6pm and costs $65 per person (all inclusive). MENU: Passed appetizer – Cocoa and Ancho Dusted Scallops on a Plantain Chip Paired with St Abe Belgian Artisanal Ale Plated Appetizer – Duck Enchilada with … Continue reading

Labels for the 2 Deschutes beers…

This is what happens when I post late at night… I forgot to include the images of the labels in the press release I posted last night. But they were included in the email, so here they are:

Press Release: Deschutes Brewery Celebrates 20th Anniversary

It’s gonna be a party next month! In addition to the two beers mentioned in the press release below, Deschutes is having their 20th Anniversary Party at their Public House on Friday, June 27th (starting at 5), and their 5th Annual Open House & 20th Anniversary Celebration the following day … Continue reading

Gear and Gadgets Week: Personal breathalyzer

This is the ultimate gadget to save you from making a big, big mistake—driving after having had too much to drink. As most people know, alcohol affects people in different ways; the effects of three beers on one person can be vastly different in another. Simply put, there’s no easy … Continue reading

Gear and Gadgets Week: The Church Key

By which of course I mean the ubiquitous bottle opener, the one thing every household has, and every serious beer drinker has multiples of. Myself, aside from the usual types of bottle openers, have a variety with different features: a beer mug themed one (magnet to stick to the fridge), … Continue reading

Gear and Gadgets Week: Geeky pint glasses

I’ve always been partial to the "#include <beer.h>" pint glasses from ThinkGeek. It’s the nerd in me, and unless you’ve done any computer programming, you probably won’t totally get the reference, but still: Our Microbrew glass will hold 12 ounces of fermented yeast and malted barley. Ironically, beer is not … Continue reading

Gear and Gadgets Week: Past bloggings

I’ve blogged a few things in the past that belong in the "gear and gadgets" category, so I thought I’d dig them up and point to them again. Back in 2005 I pointed to the Haier BrewMaster Beer Dispenser (Amazon.com link—the original Best Buy link isn’t working because BB is … Continue reading