Monthly Archives: April 2008

New group blogging meme: Homebrew Blogging Day

Adam over on the Beer Bits 2 blog is announcing/launching a new group blogging meme: Homebrew Blogging Day, inspired by The Session. In an effort to foster a community of homebrew bloggers who share their experiences and wisdom I’m proposing a Homebrew Blogging Day…. On the last Friday of every month a different homebrew blog will host the event. Beer Bits 2 will host the first event on Friday, May 30th. The topic will be … Continue reading →

April Theme Week

Theme Week here at The Brew Site starts next Monday (the third Monday of every month), and this month’s theme is Lakefront Brewery. I’d mentioned the possibility of doing this before, so I made the executive decision (which is easy to do when it’s just me on this blog!) to go with it. I’ll have eight beer reviews and maybe a bit more to say about the brewery, as well. I will say this right … Continue reading →

The next Session (May)

The next Session—number 15, for those counting (I’m one of those)—is being hosted by Boak and Bailey and the topic is "How did it all start for you?" Continuing the “Beervangelism” theme, we’d like you to write about the moment when you saw the light. At what point did you realise you were a beer lover / geek / enthusiast? What beer(s) triggered the conversion? Did someone help you along your way, or did you … Continue reading →

Inside Deschutes

Back on the 3rd (it’s the 14th already? Where’s this month going?), I met with Jason Randles, one of the marketing gurus I’ve been corresponding with at Deschutes Brewery, and got an "insider’s tour" of the brewery. We also talked a bit about blogging, beer, other breweries, and this whole "new media" thing. First off, though, most of the tour I received is, I imagine, much the same as the standard brewery tour that they … Continue reading →

Bigfoot (2008)

Sierra Nevada’s Bigfoot is of the Old Guard and an American classic. This 2008 edition of this barleywine (billed the "25th Expedition"—their 25th year!) is 9.6% alcohol by volume and absolutely maintains its status as one of the best American barleywines around. Appearance: Beautiful clear orange-amber color; nice, thick, dense, creamy head—three fingers worth—slight amber tint to it, too. Smell: Syrupy sweet barley, Crystal and Cascade hops. They’re powdery and green. Malt—caramel, rock candy, some … Continue reading →