Turbodog is one of the flagship beer from Abita Brewing, which is near New Orleans—"nestled in the piney woods 30 miles north" in fact. This is my first Abita beer, even though I’ve occasionally seen their Purple Haze available locally. I’ve been aware of Abita for awhile, and finally picked … Continue reading

Lion Stout

Lion Stout is from The Lion Brewery in Sri Lanka, and was one of my Beer of the Month Club selections. It’s a classic Foreign/Export style Stout, with a nice kick at 8% alcohol—but smooth enough so you don’t notice. Appearance: Opaque dark brown, nearly black—no light is getting through … Continue reading

"Beer is Back": The return of Legal Beer

Today’s the day—New Beer’s Eve, Legal Beer Day, however you’d like to call it—when Congress modified the Volstead Act to allow 3.2% alcohol beer legal as a precursor to the full Repeal of Prohibition later in the year. Shortly before the beer began pouring at 12:01 a.m. on the morning … Continue reading

New Beer’s Eve

The eve of Legal Beer Day! Or 3.2 Day…or New Beer’s Eve as Bob notes in this comment. (I kind of like "Legal Beer Day" for the 7th, and maybe "New Beer’s Eve" for the 6th…) Anyway, some more tidbits I kind of like from the Anheuser-Busch stuff. First, I … Continue reading

The Session #14: Beer People

It’s the first Friday in April, meaning that across the interwebs, beer bloggers are all writing about a common theme: yes, it’s The Session. This month’s topic comes to us from Stonch, across the pond in England: Beer People. Enjoying beer is as much about people as it is malt … Continue reading

"Beer is Back" Prohibition products

Going through the press kit that Anheuser-Busch sent me for their "Beer is Back" campaign, I find the products that A-B produced during the Prohibition years fascinating. The main reference I have for these from the kit is imagery; what follows are some examples. Along with non-alcohol Budweiser (think "near … Continue reading

Garde Dog

Right before we left for a few days last week (during Spring Break), I received a box from Flying Dog Brewery. Can you guess what it contained (besides from the title to this post, or, er, the picture to the right)? You can if you read other beer bloggers—for instance, … Continue reading

"Beer is Back"; counting down to April 7

April 7th is the anniversary of the modification of the Volstead Act, where beer was made legal again after 14 long years of National Prohibition. Well, legal up to a point: up to 3.2% alcohol by weight, to be exact. (That’s 4% by volume.) Not only that, but this year … Continue reading

Golden Valley Brewery

Over the final weekend of Spring Break, we visited some friends up in McMinnville (Oregon), home of Golden Valley Brewery. I got a chance to stop in briefly—long enough to try the sampler and snap a couple of quick pictures—just enough to write up an initial review. The outside of … Continue reading