Monthly Archives: April 2008

Lakefront Brewery Week: White Beer

Here’s something odd: as I write this, Lakefront Brewery’s page for their White Beer is blank. Not completely blank—there’s a header and the logo and menu stuff at the top—but the content area is empty. Not sure what to make of it—just big white space for the White Beer? Yeah, not so much. Anyway, this is their Belgian Witbier styled offering, brewed with coriander and orange peel and unfiltered. According to RateBeer it’s 5.25% alcohol … Continue reading →

Lakefront Brewery Week

It’s the third Monday of the month, so that means it’s Theme Week here at the Brew Site. For this month I’m reviewing the beers of Lakefront Brewery of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This actually goes back to Pumpkin Beer Week last November; I reviewed Lakefront’s Pumpkin Lager and noted that in addition to the pumpkin beer I had request, they sent along their eight beer variety pack. Unfortunately, I had not yet gotten around to writing … Continue reading →

Hop Henge (2008)

This month the latest Deschutes Brewery seasonal was released, and I received a package on my doorstep containing a bottle of it: Hop Henge. This year’s batch is sporting a new recipe and a new style designation: Imperial IPA. Head Brewer Brett Porter says, “This is a truly exciting and groundbreaking beer. We reformulated everything about the hop recipe to give Hop Henge an extraordinary aroma and flavor similar to a fresh hop beer.” In … Continue reading →

Cinder Cone Red

Cinder Cone Red is one of the popular seasonals from Deschutes Brewery, and I’m (finally!) posting my review of it from the promotional bottles I received from the Brewery last month. This year’s version is sporting a new label, even. Ironically, Lew Bryson reviewed this beer today as well. Sadly, he doesn’t care for it overly much: But after it came a heavy-handed rush of caramel malt, accompanied by a grainy, husky dryness — an … Continue reading →

Press Release: Australian International Beer Awards Won by Sea Dog and Shipyard Brewing Companies

Sea Dog and Shipyard Brewing Companies each took home a medal at the 2008 Australian International Beer Awards (AIBA) in Melbourne, Australia. AIBA is the showcase awards event in the Asia Pacific Region and 1,084 entries were received from 42 countries. Shipyard Brewing Company’s Chamberlain Pale Ale won a Silver award in Class 3 – Ale Packaged – British Style Pale Ale. No Gold was given in this category. Last year, Chamberlain took home a … Continue reading →