Monthly Archives: April 2008

Lakefront Brewery Week: Oktoberfest

I’ve mentioned before how Oktoberfest is one of my favorite styles, and Lakefront’s version is a worthy contribution. Again, not much more to say… it’s a pretty straightforward beer. At 5.7% alcohol, it won’t knock you down. Appearance: Hazy orange color tinged with gold and topped by an off-white, creamy head. Smell: Malty with a touch of darker malts and a slight sourness. Otherwise, fairly clean with a light hop profile (very light). Taste: Rich … Continue reading →

Lakefront Brewery Week: Organic ESB

Lakefront’s Organic ESB is a USDA-certified organic ale, one of their better-known beers. I actually don’t have much in the way of history or witty anecdotes or factoids for this beer like I did for the previous ones, other than to point out that this was the first certified organic beer in the U.S., introduced in 1996. And, it’s a good beer. Appearance: Very clear nutty brown color with a tan head. Smell: Buttery, toffee, … Continue reading →

Lakefront Brewery Week: Riverwest Stein Beer

The supplemental name for Lakefront’s Riverwest Stein Beer on the label is "All Malt Amber Lager." This is their flagship beer, of which they say: The rich amber color and smooth flavor are derived from the generous amount of caramel malt, with just a dash of roasted unmalted barley for a subtle toasted flavor in the background. The sweetness, body, and mouth feel tell you this is an all-malt beer. The finish has a balanced … Continue reading →

Lakefront Brewery Week: Cattail Ale

So, Cattail Ale from Lakefront Brewery… this is an interesting one, because I was under the impression that it was a totally different style than the Brewery itself suggests. And that’s weird because I rather quite like it as the misunderstood style. First, here’s what Lakefront says: This recipe is a true craft ale brewed with only water, yeast, hops and malted barley. A Wisconsin style mild ale with a vibrant golden amber hue, a … Continue reading →

Lakefront Brewery Week: Cream City Pale Ale

Cream City Pale Ale is Lakefront Brewery’s American Pale Ale offering. The first thing to notice on their page is this note about the name: Named after the cream colored bricks used to build Milwaukee. Which for me, not being from (nor having ever been to) Milwaukee, is interesting enough to explore a little further. According to Wikipedia, one of the nicknames of the city is indeed "Cream City", and this page tells the story. … Continue reading →