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Tuesday Tidbits

(With apologies to Stan’s "Monday Morning Musings" and Rick’s "Tuesday Tastings" and others who have themes of that sort. "Tuesday Tidbits" is not going to be a regular named feature here. I don’t think. I just liked the alliteration.) → Don’t forget this Friday, May 2nd, is the 15th Session. The topic is "How did it all start for you?" → I’ve been drinking through an old six-pack of novelty beer from Las Vegas—from the … Continue reading →

Press Release: Oregon Brewers Break Record Production Numbers

Go Oregon brewers! 🙂 Figures released today [April 24th, actually] by the Oregon Brewers Guild show 2007 was a banner year for Oregon’s craft brewing industry as production across the state grew at a rate of 8.1 percent. Total beer production for the state was approximately 860,000 barrels, or 285 million bottles of beer. That is an increase of more than 64,000 barrels, up from 796,000 barrels in 2006. The industry posted strong growth despite … Continue reading →

Press Release: ‘Here’s to Beer’ Continues Celebration of St. Louis Brewers

I’ve been remiss in posting this press release, and I promised I would (I got sidetracked with Theme Week). St. Louis’ second annual Heritage Festival is coming up May 8 through 10, and Anheuser-Busch and their "Here’s to Beer" campaign is a big proponent of it. In fact, A-B even offered to pay my way if I wanted to go—though I couldn’t make it. There are even some photos of last year’s event after the … Continue reading →

Lakefront Brewery Week: Fuel Cafe

Lakefront’s stout offering is their Fuel Cafe, which is brewed with coffee from (and for) the actual Fuel Cafe in Milwaukee. That’s actually about all I can tell you about this beer. It’s nearly 6% alcohol and there is a lot of coffee character going on here—is it caffeinated, perhaps? Appearance: Nice and black; when I held it to the light, there’s a bit of cola brown at the edges. Head was brown and broke … Continue reading →

Lakefront Brewery Week: Eastside Dark

Lakefront’s Eastside Dark, a dark lager (Dunkel Lager), is the type of beer I imagine the nineteenth-century German brewers were producing in America—and in Milwaukee in particular—prior to the introduction of the Pilsner. Their own description of this beer: The rich, coffee-like aroma and flavor of this fine, dark, Bavarian style lager is derived from a precise blending of three different specialty barley malts. Unlike many other dark beers, East Side Dark doesn’t have a … Continue reading →