Rogue Smoke Ale

I’d had a bottle of Rogue‘s Smoke Ale in the fridge for quite some time now—years, really—and I finally decided that it was time to drink it. It was the smaller 7-ounce bottle, limited release I think, that Rogue used to put out; now it’s available in the 22-ounce bottle. … Continue reading

Oh! I almost forgot John’s Marketplace

When we went to Portland last month, I promised to get some better quality pictures of John’s Marketplace if we went; I did, and here are a few. These are, of course, the tip of the iceberg. There’s a lot of beer there. And incidentally, here’s a list of what … Continue reading

More on the Deschutes experiment

Following up on my post Thursday about Deschutes Brewery’s experimental Mirror Pond trials… to recap, Deschutes is offering customers the chance to rate and comment on two new pale ale recipes, to possibly improve the flagship Mirror Pond Pale Ale. One of my concerns/questions was, does Mirror Pond need tinkering … Continue reading

The Session #13: Organic Beer

It’s the first Friday of the month, so here in the beer blogging world that means it’s time for The Session! Also informally known as "Beer Blogging Friday", it’s when bloggers—beer and otherwise—around the web all come together to write about a particular theme, the results of which will be … Continue reading

Vote on an experimental beer at Deschutes Brewery

Perusing Deschutes Brewery’s Now Pouring page tonight, I was very surprised to see this: Mirror Pond Pale Ale Experimental Trials! We here at Deschutes Brewery are always looking at ways to improve our beer, this includes our flagship brand Mirror Pond Pale. We are trying to provide a pale that … Continue reading

Top Sail Imperial Porter

Top Sail is the Brewmaster’s Reserve release from Full Sail, an Imperial Porter that I should mention is aged in bourbon barrels. Here’s the official description: After its initial release in February 2007, Top Sail was aged for about 10 months in Bourbon casks from Kentucky. This aging presents hints … Continue reading

Press Release: A-B’s newest recipe: Sun Dog Amber Wheat

This sounds a lot like Widmer‘s Crimson Wheat (Jeff’s review) to me… the conspiracy theorist part of me wonders, since A-B owns shares in Widmer, if in fact it is the same beer… but no, no rye, and different hops. New Spring Ale Complements Warm Weather for a Limited Time … Continue reading

March Theme Week musings

March is surely one of the most popular beer drinking months (along with October, I would imagine), largely because of St. Patrick’s Day. And since the beginning of Theme Week this months falls squarely on that day, March 17th, one possibility for the Theme is Irish Beer. Of actual Irish … Continue reading