Irish Beer Week: The obligatory Guinness post

Yes, naturally I have to dedicate at least one post this week to Ireland’s largest brewer, Guinness. After all, Guinness is what many "beer civilians" think when they hear "Stout", and it’s become the defacto "default Irish beer" to many. A great resource for almost everything you’d want to know … Continue reading

Irish Beer Week: The Breweries of Ireland

Ron Pattinson’s European Beer Guide has the best and most comprehensive listing of Irish breweries that I’ve ever seen. It’s definitive and up-to-date. Not only does Pattinson give a fantastic list of breweries (and their beers, when applicable), but he’s dug deeply into historic numbers and statistics (which anyone who … Continue reading

Irish Beer Week: Frothing up a Guinness with an electric toothbrush

Yes, the title pretty much says it all; the link sent to me points to a page that does indeed relate the experiment of frothing up a nice-looking head on a pint of Guinness with an electric ultrasonic toothbrush. More recently, Guinness introduced the “Surger”, a drink-coaster sized device that … Continue reading

Irish Beer Week: Lew Bryson writes about Irish beer

Lew Bryson has a good article on Irish beer in this month’s Massachusetts Beverage Business magazine this month. It’s an interesting correlation because in it he interviews Seamus O’Hara, of Carlow Brewery, the brewer of the same O’Hara’s Stout that the Beer Nut reviewed today. (And which I pointed to.) … Continue reading

Irish Beer Week

Happy St. Patrick’s Day and welcome to Irish Beer Week! In honor of the green-and-beer-themed holiday I’ll be writing on Irish-styled and influenced beer this week. Right off the bat, a morning link roundup: – The Beer Nut (from Dublin, no less!) reviews O’Hara’s Celebration Stout and has a bit … Continue reading

Belhaven Scottish Ale

Belhaven Scottish Ale is another from my Beer of the Month club. It’s the main export brew from Belhaven Brewery, a solid, er, Scottish Ale at 5.2% alcohol by volume. Appearance: Very nice shiny bright copper in color, with a good two fingers of creamy pale tan head. Very clear. … Continue reading

Next week will be Irish Beer Week

The title pretty much says it all… I decided to go Irish next week, in honor of  St. Patrick’s Day. So that means the week will be spent writing about Irish—and Irish-styled or -influenced—beer. Basically, anything I can (arbitrarily) call "Irish". (Yes, I largely make the rules up as I … Continue reading

Press Release: Southampton Biere de Mars is Back!

Southampton Ales & Lagers of the Southampton Publick House (40 Bowden Sq., Southampton, NY [631] 283-2800) is bringing back their Biere de Mars, which is French for "March Beer" for a limited time. The Biere de Mars is a little known specialty brew that originated at small farmhouse breweries in … Continue reading

European Beer Festival 2008

I received an email pointing to the European Beer Festival site (that goes to the English version; they have it in several languages). Looks good; from September 12th through 14th this year, in Copenhagen, Denmark, and it looks basically the same as many other beer festivals: buy your tokens, one … Continue reading

Atwater Salvation IPA

Atwater Salvation IPA is another of the beers I got in my first Beer of the Month selection. The Atwater Brewery is based in Detroit and offers up this beer at 6% alcohol: Our version of India Pale Ale. Brewed with European malts and Northwest hops and then generously Dry … Continue reading