Monthly Archives: March 2008

Press Release: Hop Henge Imperial IPA – The Ultimate in Hop Innovation

Woo hoo! Hop Henge! This hasn’t been out since, what, 2006? (Although the Brewery site says there was one in 2007… where was I?!?) Deschutes Brewery’s Hop Henge Imperial IPA returns to the Bond Street Series line-up this April in extreme fashion. Staying true to the experimental nature of the series and the “never settle” philosophy of Deschutes, our brewers went back to the drawing board to create an amplified version of last year’s monument … Continue reading →

Montana Beer Festival

In less that two weeks, this one’s coming up quick, but I like their ideas for getting the word out. And their charging of $25 for unlimited pours is interesting; that could pencil well, I think. And with 30 breweries participating, that’s not bad at all. I guess consider this an… unorthodox press release. After 2007’s exciting and successful First Annual Montana Beer Festival, where over 3,000 people congregated to celebrate beer, brewers, and the … Continue reading →

Press Release: Oregon Brewers Festival comes of age

The popular Oregon Brewers Festival comes of age, celebrating the 21st Amendment in conjunction with its 21st birthday In 1933 the 21st Amendment to the United States Constitution repealed the 18th Amendment, which had mandated nationwide Prohibition. Since the Oregon Brewers Festival turns 21 this year, the event finds it fitting to celebrate the ratification of the 21st Amendment during its four-day course. One of the nation’s longest-running and best-loved craft beer festivals will take … Continue reading →

Press Release: Craft Beer Culture Inspires Grassroots TV Program

Yes, I am really behind on some of these things I want to blog about. I received this email early in the month and it looks pretty interesting; a new show intersecting TV and the web and, naturally, it’s about beer. (Almost TV; it’s available online and in DVD format and their FAQ says they’re "working hard to get it on the air.") Their site is nicely done, too. Integrated Flash player without weighing down … Continue reading →

Gordon (Canned Beer Week follow-up)

Gordon is the third and final beer I received from Oskar Blues Brewery to review (albeit late) for last month’s Canned Beer Week. This is a serious beer: an American-style Imperial (or Double) IPA, with 8.7% alcohol by volume—the highest of the three I’ve reviewed. Appearance: Dark copper colored beer, fairly clear. Substantial head that leaves nice lacing, like all of these, but there was no "hiss" from the can (as I mentioned previously). Smell: … Continue reading →