Montana Beer Festival

In less that two weeks, this one’s coming up quick, but I like their ideas for getting the word out. And their charging of $25 for unlimited pours is interesting; that could pencil well, I think. And with 30 breweries participating, that’s not bad at all. I guess consider this … Continue reading

Press Release: Oregon Brewers Festival comes of age

The popular Oregon Brewers Festival comes of age, celebrating the 21st Amendment in conjunction with its 21st birthday In 1933 the 21st Amendment to the United States Constitution repealed the 18th Amendment, which had mandated nationwide Prohibition. Since the Oregon Brewers Festival turns 21 this year, the event finds it … Continue reading

Gordon (Canned Beer Week follow-up)

Gordon is the third and final beer I received from Oskar Blues Brewery to review (albeit late) for last month’s Canned Beer Week. This is a serious beer: an American-style Imperial (or Double) IPA, with 8.7% alcohol by volume—the highest of the three I’ve reviewed. Appearance: Dark copper colored beer, … Continue reading

Old Chub (Canned Beer Week follow-up)

Old Chub is a Scottish Ale from Oskar Blues and, I believe, is the second beer they canned (after their Dale’s Pale Ale). Like the Dale’s, I received this can in a promotional package but fell too far behind to get it written up last month for my Canned Beer … Continue reading

Dale’s Pale Ale (Canned Beer Week follow-up)

Back when I was doing Canned Beer Week in February, I spoke with Marty Jones with Oskar Blues Brewery and he sent me three cans of their beer in a promotional shipment: Dale’s Pale Ale, Old Chub, and Gordon. I didn’t get them in time to coincide with that week … Continue reading

Promotional beers from Deschutes

Time to start catching up on my blogging! I mentioned in this month’s Session that Deschutes had sent me some promotional bottles of the new Green Lakes Organic Ale (which I reviewed for that Session); in addition to the three bottles of Green Lakes, though, there were three bottles of … Continue reading

Irish Beer Week: Fin

This is the first Theme Week where I didn’t actually drink and review any beers, although I did drink McMenamins‘ seasonal Irish Stout after work today, so perhaps that’s not quite accurate. (It is indeed a fairly dry Stout, with roasty, slightly astringent notes and a low session-level alcohol—4.77%—that makes … Continue reading

Irish Beer Week: The styles

The two styles that originate in Ireland are Irish Dry Stout and Irish Red Ale. The more famous of the two is, naturally, the Stout, since that’s the one everyone is exposed to. The Dry Stout style evolved from the London Porters of the time, and were a stronger version … Continue reading