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Canned Beer Week: A gem from Bob Skilnik

In the comments to the "Links" post yesterday, author and beer historian Bob Skilnik left a gem of a comment (actually, he was expanding on a previous comment): I’m all for the canning of beer, for all the reasons canning came about in 1935, portability, stackability, cools down faster, lighter than bottles, etc. But when cans first came out in the Repeal-era, those smaller breweries that had a hard enough time buying a bottling line, … Continue reading →

Canned Beer Week: Talking with Marty Jones of Oskar Blues

Today I spoke with Marty Jones, the "lead singer, publicity/marketing director" for Oskar Blues Grill & Brewery, about the brewery, beer culture and—yes—canned beer. It’s not technically what I’d call an interview because I didn’t transcribe it, it was really more of an informal phone call, but I took copious notes anyway… so let’s call it an informal interview… or maybe blogger chat. Marty is the "lead singer" quite literally: he’s the lead singer of … Continue reading →

Canned Beer Week: Links

As I dig around the web on the topic of canned beer, I’ve come across some gems: From the comments: Surly Brewing, in Minnesota, cans several of their beers: Bender, Furious, CynicAle, and SurlyFest. All in 16 ounce cans, the latter two are seasonal. ("Our canned beer is not filtered or pasteurized, so keep it cold. This is the same great beer that people enjoy from kegs, so treat our cans like a keg.") In … Continue reading →

Canned Beer Week: Caldera Pale Ale

Caldera Brewing in Ashland, Oregon, currently produces two canned beers: their Pale Ale and IPA. It was the first microbrewery in Oregon to can its beer, and it may be the only one; I’ll do some research on that. I reviewed their Pale Ale back in September; my overall remarks: Hoppier than I expected—still fighting "can prejudice" I guess—and a nice flavorful beer. Slip a few of these amongst the PBR and see what happens. … Continue reading →

Canned Beer Week

It’s Canned Beer Week here at The Brew Site. This week I’ll be writing about canned beers—and not the American Macro variety you can find everywhere. Rather, I’ll be exploring American microbrews and imports (particularly all the British ones I see). As well as canning in general, I think; hopefully some more in-depth pieces. I’m getting a little bit of a late start—we just got back from our Portland trip, and I’ll have more to … Continue reading →