Taste Your Beer kit review

Yes, I’m (finally!) reviewing the "beer tasting and hop appreciation kit" from TasteYourBeer.com. I’d first blogged about it here and had since received a kit to review. So let’s get straight to it. The kit comes in an attractive box package, about 6 by 11 by 2 inches, which contains … Continue reading

ReviewsThe Session #11: Illuminator (Doppelbocks)

First Friday, which means in the beer blogging world that it’s time for The Session! This month’s Session and topic comes to us courtesy of brewvana: Doppelbocks. The only rule is, there are no rules: I don’t feel like coming up with a bunch of rules and restrictions. I want … Continue reading

Pueblo Indian corn beer

Jeffrey at Wort’s Going On Here? posted a link to this article on FOXNews.com: Study: Pueblo Indians Brewed Beer From Corn 800 Years Ago. It seems familiar but it’s pretty recent (the earliest reference I can find to it is from December 6th here). The gist is that it appears … Continue reading

Southampton Biere de Garde

When Southampton issued their press release last month for their Biere de Garde, I inquired about receiving a bottle for review. They were kind enough to ship one out to me shortly after. A few of weeks later, I’m able to (finally!) post the review. Their Biere de Garde is … Continue reading

My 2007 predictions revisited

Well, the old year is over and the New Year has begun and it’s time to review my predictions for 2007 that I made last January. To recap, they were: Continued "extreme beer" growth Dogfish Head brews another historic beer Anheuser-Busch continuing to go after the craft brewing segment Beer … Continue reading