Deschutes’ The Abyss is released

Today was the day that The Abyss, Deschutes Brewery‘s much-coveted award-winning Imperial Stout, was officially released. It was originally announced for release in early December, but got pushed back—due largely (as I understand it) to the sheer amount of effort it took to bottle the beer and then to hand-dip … Continue reading

Press Release: Bud and Clamato Chelada Arrive Nationwide

To be honest, I’m curious but not entirely sure what to think about this. It’s a response to Miller Chill (which I have yet to try, but want to), and I remember—back in the college days—when a popular drink was concocted by mixing Molson Ice with V8 juice, which seems … Continue reading

Lump of Coal Stout

Lump of Coal Stout ("Dark Holiday Stout") is from Ridgeway Brewing in England and imported by Shelton Brothers. (Those of the "Bad Elf" and "Santa’s Butt" fame.) It’s a hefty brew at 8% alcohol by volume, but it’s very drinkable and you wouldn’t know it’s that high. Appearance: A bit … Continue reading

A first look at Southern Oregon Brewing

Two months ago I’d come across the news about the opening of Southern Oregon Brewing Company down in Medford. There’s now a first look at the brewery—not by me (unfortunately!), but from the Pacific Brew News Blog: Located behind a bowling alley (and back a couple blocks), Southern Oregon Brewing’s … Continue reading

January Theme Week

I skipped doing a Theme Week here at the Brew Site in December since I already had a full blogging plate, but it’s time to get back into it for this month. Theme Week starts (as always) on the third Monday of the month, for January that’s the 21st, and … Continue reading

2008 Beer Predictions

Time for some predictions for 2008 in beer. Nothing really "out there" here, except for maybe the Dogfish Head prediction. I think that’s going to end up being a Brew Site Annual Tradition. 1) The hop shortage is going to get worse and get more mainstream coverage. It’s not going … Continue reading

Session #12 post-announcement

Go figure that I’d forget the most important detail behind my Session announcement… how to participate! On Friday, February 1st, after you’ve posted your Session entry, you can notify me of it in several ways. First, leave a comment here at the Brew Site, either on the announcement post or … Continue reading

Announcing the Session #12: Barleywine

Hard to believe we’re up to the 12th Session already, but it’s my pleasure to be hosting it for February. The first Friday is also the first of the month, so it may well sneak up on some of us. I also find it interesting that Stan noted that the … Continue reading

Pete Brown speaks sense

I only started following Pete Brown’s blog fairly recently (about when he was leaving for his IPA sea adventure), but he has a great post today: The point is, there’s an attitude in beer appreciation that’s the same as the one I used to have when I was a teenage … Continue reading

2 links

Over the weekend I got a couple of contact form submissions, two guys with links to share. First is from Jason Mosley, who writes: I just did my first beer review you can read it here, It would be great if you could give me a plug on your … Continue reading