Double Bastard (2005)

For my birthday last month I opened a 2005 vintage bottle of Stone Brewing‘s Double Bastard; this was one I had received a year or two prior and was saving for a special occasion. The beer is essentially a double version of Arrogant Bastard; it’s a monster for sure at … Continue reading

Costco beer

I follow but usually don’t read closely the "Brew" Blog from Miller Brewing, but today’s post caught my eye: Costco is looking at selling private label beers. Costco has been selling Kirkland signature wines for a number of years and over the past year has filed label applications for some … Continue reading

Quick notes: Deschutes’ The Abyss and Double Black

On Saturday we had lunch at Deschutes Brewery and I had to post some notes about a couple of great beers. First, The Abyss, of course. Now I haven’t opened the bottle the Brewery sent me to review yet, but I couldn’t stop at the brewpub and not order this … Continue reading

Session #12 reminder

A reminder to everyone that The Session is coming up this Friday (February 1st). The topic is Barleywine, and since I’m hosting, send me a note after your blog entry is up: You can notify me of it in several ways. First, leave a comment here at the Brew Site, … Continue reading

Press Release: Michigan Winter Beer Festival Moves to Grand Rapids

Third Annual Event to be Held at Fifth Third Ballpark, February 23 Warm yourself from the winter chill at the 3rd Annual Winter Beer Festival, sponsored by the Michigan Brewers Guild, Saturday, February 23, at Fifth Third Ballpark in Comstock Park, just north of Grand Rapids. This outdoor celebration of … Continue reading

American Macro Week: One final shot

For general amusement/amazement: This past week and a half of drinking these and writing about them was the first time that blogging felt like work. In a good way, though.

American Macro Week: Another tasting

A few days before I started American Macro Week, Wilson over at brewvana hosted a tasting of his own of three macros: Bud Light, Coors Light, and Miller Lite. Good timing! His was a blind tasting, though, of the three, rather than a review comparison like I did. Still, the … Continue reading

American Macro Week: Beer wrap-up

Okay, 15 beers later and I’ve done all that I can for American Macro Week. I know I’ve missed a bunch more macros; off the top of my head I can think of the Bud Dry and Ice line, Milwaukee’s Best, Natural Light/Ice, Keystone Ice, Busch Light, and a bunch … Continue reading

American Macro Week: Olympia

Olympia is another old-school brand revived by Pabst (and brewed by Miller); it was one of the most popular Pacific Northwest beers back in the day. The brewery was located in Tumwater, Washington, and their big claim to success: "It’s the water." This is a classic, for sure, but they … Continue reading

American Macro Week: Miller Lite

Miller Lite is the flagship beer from, er, Miller and it’s the oldest of the "Light" (or "Lite") beers, debuting in 1975. It’s garnered a few awards, too, in the "American-Style Light Lager" category at the GABF (2003) and the World Beer Cup (four different years). Not much I have … Continue reading