ReviewsDouble Bastard (2005)

For my birthday last month I opened a 2005 vintage bottle of Stone Brewing‘s Double Bastard; this was one I had received a year or two prior and was saving for a special occasion. The beer is essentially a double version of Arrogant Bastard; it’s a monster for sure at … Continue reading

UncategorizedCostco beer

I follow but usually don’t read closely the "Brew" Blog from Miller Brewing, but today’s post caught my eye: Costco is looking at selling private label beers. Costco has been selling Kirkland signature wines for a number of years and over the past year has filed label applications for some … Continue reading

The SessionSession #12 reminder

A reminder to everyone that The Session is coming up this Friday (February 1st). The topic is Barleywine, and since I’m hosting, send me a note after your blog entry is up: You can notify me of it in several ways. First, leave a comment here at the Brew Site, … Continue reading

Theme WeekAmerican Macro Week: One final shot

For general amusement/amazement: This past week and a half of drinking these and writing about them was the first time that blogging felt like work. In a good way, though.

BreweriesAmerican Macro Week: Another tasting

A few days before I started American Macro Week, Wilson over at brewvana hosted a tasting of his own of three macros: Bud Light, Coors Light, and Miller Lite. Good timing! His was a blind tasting, though, of the three, rather than a review comparison like I did. Still, the … Continue reading

Theme WeekAmerican Macro Week: Beer wrap-up

Okay, 15 beers later and I’ve done all that I can for American Macro Week. I know I’ve missed a bunch more macros; off the top of my head I can think of the Bud Dry and Ice line, Milwaukee’s Best, Natural Light/Ice, Keystone Ice, Busch Light, and a bunch … Continue reading

ReviewsAmerican Macro Week: Olympia

Olympia is another old-school brand revived by Pabst (and brewed by Miller); it was one of the most popular Pacific Northwest beers back in the day. The brewery was located in Tumwater, Washington, and their big claim to success: "It’s the water." This is a classic, for sure, but they … Continue reading

ReviewsAmerican Macro Week: Miller Lite

Miller Lite is the flagship beer from, er, Miller and it’s the oldest of the "Light" (or "Lite") beers, debuting in 1975. It’s garnered a few awards, too, in the "American-Style Light Lager" category at the GABF (2003) and the World Beer Cup (four different years). Not much I have … Continue reading