Monthly Archives: November 2007

Pumpkin Beer Week

It’s Pumpkin Beer Week here at The Brew Site—all this week, I’ll be blogging about pumpkin beer in this second installment of Theme Week (where I spend the third week of the month blogging a particular topic). This should be a busy week! I’ve got a number of reviews, some history, some homebrewing, and (I’m hoping) some interviews to run. Off we go.

Press Release: Celebrate the Holidays with the Flavors of Cherry, Chocolate Beers from A-B

It must be Michelob Month here or something… first I received and reviewed the Michelob Specialty Sampler Collection, and now this press release hits my inbox. For the record, both of these beers (chocolate and cherry) sound pretty good. And I have to admit, my first glance at the headline made me think they were promoting a chocolate and cherry (together) beer… which also sounds good to me. Well, "Chocolate Cherry" sounds more like it … Continue reading →

Next week is Pumpkin Beer Week

Just a reminder that next week is Pumpkin Beer Week here at The Brew Site, the second of my monthly "Theme Weeks." (Last month was Fresh Hops Beers.) I’ll be blogging pretty exclusively about pumpkin beers, which will include a fair number of reviews. So stick around. It’s also Thanksgiving next week, and I figure, what better to go with Thanksgiving than pumpkin beer?

"Taste your beer"

No, the title there isn’t a mandate for the obvious, it refers instead to the "Taste Your Beer" website, which is offering an interesting product: a beer tasting and appreciation kit. What makes a beer tasting kit? Well, aside from what you’d expect—like a beer guide, a cheat sheet for hops, etc.—the unique feature is a set of 13 small jars of actual hops (commonly used varieties). The potential taster is thus able to learn … Continue reading →

The merger news that shook the beer world (Press Release too)

By now it’s reverberated back and forth across the beer world—both online and off—that Widmer and Redhook are merging into one company (though beers will continue to be brewed under each brand). The new company will be called the "Craft Brewers Alliance." Although I have serious reservations about this name (it rubs me the wrong way mostly because it’s such a sterile name based on a business strategy—I see something like "Alliance" and I automatically … Continue reading →