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Pumpkin Beer Week: Around the web

A few links from around the web today. First, a plug and a pointer to Magnolia Brewing in San Francisco, courtesy of Erik here in the comments. He says: [G]otta give a shout out to Magnolia Brewing for their pumpkin ale, Barking Pumpkin. It really is good stuff. A nice dark ale that isn’t overly spiced, they also roast the pumpkin seeds and use them to flavor the ale, giving it a spiffy nutty character. … Continue reading →

Pumpkin Beer Week: Oregon brewers? (A wish list)

Could it really be that there are no Oregon breweries producing a pumpkin beer? I’m sure that can’t be entirely the case, but my preliminary investigations (on BeerAdvocate) strongly seem to indicate that. Come on, Oregon, what’s up with that? You’re at the forefront of the craft brewing movement! Here’s what I’ve found thus far: going through all the listed entries for the "pumpkin ale" style on BeerAdvocate—as well as checking a good number of … Continue reading →

Pumpkin Beer Week: O’Fallon Pumpkin Ale

The O’Fallon Brewery is located just outside of St. Louis, Missouri, and each year brews a seasonal pumpkin ale. While researching the number of pumpkin beers that are available (in bottles) from various breweries, I sent out a number of emails inquiring if there were bottles of these beers that I could acquire for review. The good folks at O’Fallon were able to send me two bottles of their Pumpkin Ale. [Disclaimer: Most of these … Continue reading →

Pumpkin Beer Week: Homebrewing notes

I find it interesting that my pumpkin ale recipe is still the #1 result on Google when someone searches just that ("pumpkin beer recipe" places me at #2). The recipe itself is an extract-based recipe (with partial mash elements), and I thought I’d relay some notes and thoughts on the brewing of it based on my experiences over the years. (This also helps me organize my thoughts a bit because I think I’m brewing up … Continue reading →

Pumpkin Beer Week: Buffalo Bill’s Pumpkin Ale

The Pumpkin Ale from Buffalo Bill’s Brewery has an interesting history. First brewed back in 1986, it may well be the oldest (and first) commercially available pumpkin beer on the market today. The beer got its start when Bill Owens (Buffalo Bill’s founder) read that George Washington had brewed with pumpkin—so he gave it a shot. Until 1997, their Pumpkin Ale was only available local to the brewery (in Hayward, California). In that year, the … Continue reading →