Weekend quick note: Lagunitas Imperial Stout

Yes, it’s Wednesday and I’m still catching up on weekend items. Or in this case, item. Anyway, we had friends over Saturday and among the beer they brought with them was Lagunitas Imperial Stout. The unanimous verdict: this was no stout, and barely an Imperial anything (porter, maybe). Quite unlike … Continue reading

Michelob Porter

This is the final of the four beers from Michelob‘s Specialty Sampler pack, and overall, the one I like best of the four. At 5.9% alcohol, it’s also the strongest of the bunch (though not by much). It’s a pretty straightforward porter. Appearance: Pretty dark—black brown (dirty motor oil) with … Continue reading

Michelob Marzen

Third beer from the Michelob Sampler pack, a Märzen (Oktoberfest) style beer. I loves me a good Märzen style beer and was looking forward to trying this one. It’s 4.9% alcohol, the lightest of the bunch. Appearance: Nice amber-brown color with a white creamy head on top. Clear. Smell: Malty, … Continue reading

Fun Friday videos

A couple of fun beer-themed videos popped up on the radar today. First, "Beer beer beer"… I’m not sure if it’s overly cutesy or freaky, but I kept waiting for one of the glasses to break. You’ll see what I mean. Via Kina. Next, Guinness’ new commercial, debuting overseas. Very … Continue reading

Michelob Bavarian Style Wheat

The next in the Sampler pack I received from Michelob. I’ll give them credit for going with a Bavarian style weizen rather than the American style (à la Widmer) that other macrobrewers have done—not that there’s anything wrong with the American wheat style (I like it fine), but an authentic … Continue reading

Southern Oregon Brewing (?)

Apparently there’s a new brewery in Medford (Oregon): Southern Oregon Brewing Company. Found about them from this article here: Southern Oregon Brewing Co. has released its first beers and has opened a tap room for public tasting and sales at its brew house. A golden ale and a porter are … Continue reading

Michelob Pale Ale

The Pale Ale is the first of the Michelob Specialty Sampler beers from the promotional package I received. What I find interesting (and a little amusing) is the fact that all of these specialty beers proclaim "all malt" on the label; normally, macro-brewed beers are brewed with a large percentage … Continue reading

Michelob Specialty Sampler Collection

Today I received the Michelob Specialty Sampler Collection from Anheuser-Busch, plus a set of six Michelob beer glasses. This Sampler Collection is a special 20-pack of four "premium all-malt beers" that essentially constitutes a seasonal variety pack from Michelob. The four beers are their Pale Ale, (Bavarian-style) Wheat, Marzen, and … Continue reading

Sierra Nevada Harvest

Sierra Nevada’s fresh hop ale, Harvest, did make it to Central Oregon after all. In its 11th year, Harvest is one of the country’s oldest fresh hop ales, though this is the first year that Sierra Nevada has bottled it. (In previous years it was only available on tap at … Continue reading

Press Release: Charity Repeal Day Celebration in PA

Repeal Day is one month away (December 5). I got this via the site contact form, it’s not a press release per se, but it’s close enough, and it sounds like a worthwhile goal all around—celebrate Repeal Day and support a good environmental cause. And just to be clear, the … Continue reading