Monthly Archives: November 2007

Additional Pumpkin Beer Week shout outs

Whoops! I forgot to mention two other brewers who had sent me beer in response to my request for pumpkin beer samples—the reason they slipped my mind is because they were out of stock of their pumpkin beer—and they very, very generously sent me alternatives. Dogfish Head was out of their Punkin Ale, and instead sent me along a bottle of their 90 Minute IPA. It’s a great beer—I reviewed it earlier this year, and … Continue reading →

The latest Flying Dog sample package

The title says it all: the latest sample package from Flying Dog came today. What I like about Flying Dog—aside from receiving beer from them—is that they’re proactive and embracing the grassroots nature of the web and blogs and technology. Reaching out to bloggers, being active on Flickr and Twitter and MySpace and such, launching (and brewing) their own open source beer project—all things which are really, really smart, and doing things that no other … Continue reading →

Pumpkin Beer Week wrap-up

My "Pumpkin Beer Week" moved along very well; I wasn’t lacking for anything to blog about, and in fact, I may end up doing a bit of a continuation—there may be some additional pumpkin beer samples coming my way, for one thing. Maybe at some point I’ll blog a Pumpkin Beer Month. Special thanks in particular go out to O’Fallon Brewery, Lakefront Brewing, and Southampton Brewing for providing me with samples of their pumpkin beers … Continue reading →

Pumpkin Beer Week: Southampton Pumpkin Ale

Southampton Brewing made some news lately with the announcement from Pabst that they (Pabst and Southampton) were entering into a strategic alliance wherein Pabst would market and distribute (presumably nationally) Southampton’s beers. Like the Widmer-Redhood deal, my opinion is that it’s a good thing—anything that enables an award-winning brewery’s beers to reach me more easily is a good thing in my book. And Southampton is definitely award winning: the Silver and Bronze for their Double … Continue reading →

Pumpkin Beer Week: Lakefront Pumpkin Lager

The Pumpkin Lager from Milwaukee’s Lakefront Brewery is the only pumpkin lager brewed (commercially) in the world, and they’re old hands at this: In 1989, Lakefront Brewery owner, Russ Klisch was reading dusty brewing tome, tippling one of our fine lagers and came across a beer recipe that Thomas Jefferson had brewed with pumpkin at his home in Monticello. Barley was scarce and expensive in the early days of the United States, but pumpkins and … Continue reading →