Monthly Archives: October 2007

Ridgeway Bitter

Ridgeway Bitter has the distinction of being one of Men’s Journal’s infamous picks for the best beers in the world a couple of years ago—in fact, it got the "gold" of their Ales & Bitters category. This is a true session beer, at only 4% alcohol by volume, and it’s a fine representative of one of the classic English styles. The label proclaims, "Bottled conditioned beer," and indeed a layer of yeast on the bottom … Continue reading →

Great! American! Beer! Festival!

No, I’m not there but I wish I was. The officially GABF starts today and I’ll be watching reports coming out of it. In the meantime, here’s some pre-show links: Flying Dog Brewery is photoblogging the GABF and taking Photo-on-Demand requests while there; read the details here. Stan drove(!) to the GABF, and explains why he likes to do so. Beer Sage and Beer Molly are first-timers this year. Expect good Beer Pix and blogging. … Continue reading →

Press Release: Flying Dog Brewery’s Open Source Beer Ready to Hit the Market

Nice to see follow-through on this. I wonder if Flying Dog would send me a bottle…? Open Source Beer will be Available for Sampling during the Great American Beer Festival Denver’s Flying Dog Brewery has announced the release of their Collaborator Doppelbock, the first “open source” beer to hit the U.S. market. “Open source” is a term most commonly used in the software industry and refers to any program whose source code is made available … Continue reading →

Pyramid Imperial Hefeweizen

Yes, I admit, ever since I posted about Pyramid‘s new Imperial Hefeweizen, I’ve been itching with curiosity. I found it this weekend and was able to scratch that itch. It’s 7.5% alcohol, which isn’t necessarily huge these days, but it’s high for a wheat ale. I like the bottle, and what’s interesting—you can see this in the picture there, too—is there is very little headspace in the bottle; the liquid is less than an inch … Continue reading →

Theme Week

I’ve decided to start a new feature here at The Brew Site: Beer Theme Week. My thought is that the third week of each month will be dedicated to a specific theme—style, production method, whatever—and I’ll spend that week writing (mostly) on the theme topic. For simplicity’s sake, I’ve decided the "week" will start on the third Monday of the month and the blogging schedule will be Monday through Friday (though Saturday-Sunday wouldn’t necessarily be … Continue reading →