Monthly Archives: October 2007

Book Review: The Beer Journal

A couple of weeks ago Chris Wright was kind enough to send me a copy of his book, The Beer Journal (Amazon link), for review, and I’m finally getting around to reviewing it. Coming in three editions (paperback, spiral-bound, and hardcover), The Beer Journal is a combination of a style reference guide and an actual journal in which to record beer tastings (as well as beer festival notes, brewery tours, and other things). The copy … Continue reading →

Post Theme Week

Some post-Theme Week wrapup notes and thoughts… "Fresh hops" is certainly topical right now, but I also found it a bit harder to blog about when you don’t really have access to many beers to sample. Of course, that just forced me to be a bit more creative in coming up with related things to write about. Still, I’d have liked to focus on sampling and reviewing more. Got some nice plugs from both Jeff … Continue reading →

Fresh Hops Week: The bottled list

Earlier in the week I was ruminating on the overall number of fresh hop beers out there, but the conclusion is that it’s really a moving target: many (most) are highly seasonal, draft-only batches (often one-offs) usually only available on location. So I did deeper research, looking for breweries that bottle (or, in the case of several, bottled and have since retired) their fresh hop beers and tallying the results. The list is pretty small; … Continue reading →

Fresh Hops Week: Three more reviews

The problem with reviewing fresh hop beers is that they’re so regional; the only one I’ve thus far been able to get in the bottle is (local) Hop Trip, and unless I’m willing to travel (which obviously isn’t convenient), the only other ones available to me are ultra-local brews—which, unless you live in Central Oregon, you won’t get to experience. (Of course, if I make it to the Fresh Hop Tastival, I’ll have broadened my … Continue reading →

Fresh Hops Week: Fresh Hop Tastival

I’d previously mentioned (briefly) a bit about the Fresh Hop Beer Tastival coming here to Bend at the end of the month, but I hadn’t expanded upon it. Essentially, it’s a traveling beer festival, dedicated to fresh hop beers from Oregon brewers, and it’s been hitting a different city each weekend this month. It started in Hood River, then Portland, this weekend (the 20th) it will be in Eugene, and finally in Bend on the … Continue reading →