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Trick or treat

Random bits for you this Halloween… mostly treats instead of tricks, I hope. I considered doing a "Halloween beers" post, then remembered I did the same this in 2005 and 2006, and I really have nothing to add to those. Well, almost; this list is pulled from the comments, and contains an impressive list of appropriately themed beers. Speaking of treats, I should be receiving some beers for review soon… PR-related, for the most part. … Continue reading →

Press Release: Craft Beer and the Holidays – A Perfect Pairing

This is mostly Flying Dog-oriented, but since they also host the Beer Dinners website, it’s appropriate. Plus, I got a kick out of the "" domain name. I can’t help it; it makes me laugh. Flying Dog Brewery ties together American craft beer flavors with traditional holiday foods Flying Dog Brewery is one of the many craft breweries participating in the national program called Craft Beer and Food for the Holidays. This free program organized … Continue reading →

Press Release: Sip, Savor and Share this Rich, Malty Brew From A-B

Yep, a Doppelbock from Anheuser-Busch. Pretty unusual—particularly one at 8.5% ABV! I’d try it. Brew Masters’ Private Reserve by Budweiser Perfect for Holiday Entertaining Hearty holiday meals wouldn’t be complete without a great beer to accompany them – particularly one that looks great on the table. Brew Masters’ Private Reserve from Budweiser, a rich, malty Doppelbock now available in most states through the end of the year, offers a special recipe and unique, limited-edition packaging … Continue reading →

Stream of consciousness

No, this is not beer-induced (or influenced) stream of consciousness, unfortunately… By now everyone in the beer world (and some in the "real" world too, no doubt) have heard about the "Sam Adams" flap between the Boston Beer Company and actual Portland resident Sam Adams. To wit, Sam Adams (of Portland) is running for mayor, and Boston Beer Company—the brewers of Samuel Adams beers—sent a cease-and-desist for two websites registered with "samadams" in the name, … Continue reading →

"Beervana" documentary on OPB

This is interesting: Oregon Public Broadcasting‘s "Oregon Experience" program is debuting a beer history documentary on November 5: "Beervana". Beer brewing has a long, colorful history in Oregon. Today, Portland is known as the beer capital of the world. Oregonians have long been enthusiastic about their beer. In 1852, beer came to the Northwest when Henry Saxer opened the Liberty Brewery at the corner of First and Davis in downtown Portland. Many came in Saxer’s … Continue reading →