Beer cupcakes

Here’s a recipe for beer cupcakes made using Guinness Stout and topped with cream cheese glaze. Yeah, I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to make these. Previously: Irish stout cake, Beer ice cream, Beer cheesecake!

Samurai Ale

Great Divide has made a splash lately with their latest offering, Samurai Ale, because it’s brewed with a significant percentage of rice. Rice! The only other beers commonly brewed with rice are (notoriously) the big American macro lagers, and Japanese beers. Obviously they chose to take their inspiration from the … Continue reading

Steam Pumper IPA

Firestation 5 is the beer brand set up by Portland Brewing which produces beers exclusively for Fred Meyer (according to RateBeer) SB Northwest (updated: see below). Kind of like the Trader Joe’s deal on beers, I guess. At any rate, I had their Steam Pumper IPA recently and it wasn’t … Continue reading

The Session #6: Fruit Beer

This month’s Session topic comes to us courtesy of Greg Clow over at Beer, Beats & Bites: With all of this fruit on the brain (or more accurately, in my belly), it gave me the idea for a theme for Session #6. Therefore, I hereby declare that on Friday, August … Continue reading

Taddy Porter

Generally speaking, I think Samuel Smith’s beers are pretty fundamental, maybe essential, beers that should be considered benchmarks. Taddy Porter is like that for English style Porters, I think. Or very nearly. Basically, it’s one of the best English Porters out there. Appearance: Dark brown and opaque, like dirty engine … Continue reading

OBF 2007: The photos

Even though I posted some of the pictures I took with my previous OBF posts, I thought I’d do an entry of all the photos I took, gallery-style. Click on each picture to see a larger version.

OBF 2007: The beers

Slowly but surely, I’m getting all of this written up. Here (finally) are my notes on the beers of the Brewfest that I sampled. The beers, of course, being largely the whole point of the festival. My formatting should be self-evident… after my notes, I’ll (very) roughly score the beer … Continue reading