Cuvee de Tomme

This is the ultra-limited, bourbon barrel-aged, 11% sour cherry and raisin ale from Lost Abbey that is the most award-winning of their beers. In the barrel it’s inoculated with more sour cherries and wild Brettanomyces yeast. It’s a vintaged ale, brewed in limited quantities each year. Tomme Arthur himself talks … Continue reading

Press Release: Flying Dog Brewery Launches Beer Dinner Website

This looks pretty interesting, actually. I’ll dig around the site when I have some time and comment on it in more detail. With the increasing popularity of food and beer pairings, Flying Dog Brewery’s new resource website provides the latest information and ideas on the emerging craft beer trend. … Continue reading

Uerige Alt

That’s right: Uerige Alt, the classic Düsseldorf Altbier that I’ve been dreaming about for years… I found this at John’s Marketplace in Portland during the Brewfest trip, and was blown away. It came in the very cool flip-top bottle you see in the picture there and I pretty much had … Continue reading

Chicory Stout

Chicory Stout is a winter seasonal beer from Dogfish Head, a moderate-alcohol (5.2%) stout brewed up with the Dogfish twist: A dark beer made with a touch of roasted chicory, organic Mexican coffee, St. John’s Wort, and licorice root. Brewed with whole-leaf Cascade and Fuggles hops, the grains include pale, … Continue reading

Press Release: Flying Dog Brewery Ready to Celebrate "Dogtoberfest"

Denver’s Flying Dog Brewery is set to release their Fall seasonal Dogtoberfest. The Denver-based brewery’s third seasonal of the year is a traditional-style Marzen, brewed with 100% imported German ingredients. Dogtoberfest’s grist includes a mix of Light and Dark Munich and Vienna malts. It’s hopped with German Perle and Hersbrucker hops … Continue reading

Session Premium Lager

For some reason I had never had Full Sail’s Session Premium Lager until recently. It’s a pre-Prohibition style American lager, 5.1% alcohol, and comes in 11 ounce stubbies… a novelty these days. Easy drinking, the stubby is fun… you can’t go wrong! Appearance: Nice honey golden color. Very clear. Thin … Continue reading

World’s most expensive beer

According to this post on Luxist, the world’s most expensive beer (officially) is Vielle Bon Secours, which costs approximately $78 per pint at the Bierdrome in London. (Luxist incorrectly says $39 per pint; they got their conversion wrong—it’s about 39 pounds, not dollars.) This beats out Sam Adams Utopias, which … Continue reading

Cedar River Amber Ale

Cedar River Amber Ale is brewed by Hale’s Ales under the "Northwest’s Best" label for Trader Joe’s. The alcohol content isn’t listed, though I’d guess it’s around 5 to 5.5% by volume. It’s a pretty standard-fare amber, and I picked up a 12-pack for $9.99, which is a good deal … Continue reading

The next Session: Brew Zoo

Rick Lyke is hosting next month’s Session, and today he’s announced the topic: So what is the topic for September? Welcome to the Brew Zoo. Have you ever noticed how many animals show up on beer labels? We have lions and tigers and bears, plus various birds, reptiles, fish, assorted … Continue reading