Monthly Archives: August 2007

John’s Marketplace, Portland, OR

I keep mentioning John’s Marketplace in all my recent reviews, so I figured it was finally time to write a bit about the store itself here. Located in Portland, Oregon, in the Multnomah Village neighborhood, the store from the outside looks like a completely unassuming neighborhood market and grocery. There’s history behind it, too: John’s Market was founded in 1923 by John Feus – a Swiss immigrant that settled in Multnomah (a settlement just South … Continue reading →

Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier Märzen

This is one of the original smokebeers; Aecht Schlenkerla is based in Bamberg, Germany, and smokes their malt over open fires. They’ve been doing this for hundreds of years and their Rauchbier is, simply, some of the best there is. This was another purchase from John’s Marketplace in Portland… I swear, that place has everything. I must go back. Appearance: Light cola brown in color, a tiny bit of head but fairly low in carbonation. … Continue reading →

Midas Touch Golden Elixir

I found Dogfish’s staple Midas Touch in Portland at John’s Marketplace and you know, I’m always on the lookout for Dogfish Head beers these days… it was a no-brainer. Midas Touch is the first of their "historic recreation" beers, based on the archaeological remains of vessels found in a tomb from circa 700 BC. Their capsule description: This recipe is the actual oldest-known fermented beverage in the world! Our recipe showcases the known ingredients of … Continue reading →

Press Release: Beer Fresh From the Vine

Oregon Brewers Guild and Oregon Bounty Produce Fresh Hop Beer Tastivals This Fall the Oregon Brewers Guild is partnering with Oregon Bounty to produce a series of “Tastivals” to celebrate the release of Oregon’s fresh hop beers. These much anticipated seasonal beers are brewed only once a year during hop harvest, which typically takes place in late August and early September. Beers created using fresh hops instead of traditional dried hops are given unique flavors … Continue reading →

That Bronze Age Irish brew…

By now the news about the Bronze Age Irish beer has been seen and commented on (I think Jay’s post is the most extensive), and I really didn’t have anything to add. Well, until now. I’m wondering when Dogfish Head will get around to brewing this beer? Seriously! They already have three historic beers that they brew, doesn’t this just seem like a perfect candidate for a fourth? There’s be some modifications to the basic … Continue reading →