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Baltika Porter

Baltika Porter is "Number 6" in the lineup of beers from the Russian brewery: a Baltic Porter. Baltic Porters are akin to Russian Imperial Stouts in that they can easily range from 7 to 10% alcohol by volume, and are robust, dark, roasty brews—the original Imperial Porters. In honor of Michael Jackson, I’ll quote a bit he wrote about Baltika Porter itself back in the late 90s: A Porter that was in the past produced … Continue reading →

Michael Jackson has passed away

Just a quick note to observe the passing of Michael Jackson, the Beer Hunter; many of the other blogs are also writing about this, and they’re doing a much better job than I. Jackson was the King of Beer Writers and his contributions will be missed.

Pyramid Imperial Hefeweizen available

According to the press release posted on BeerAdvocate, Pyramid has released an Imperial Hefeweizen… the first of its kind. Well, I’m assuming they mean it’s the first “official” Imp Hefe… the headline says, “a Craft Beer Category First.” What else would they mean? Pyramid’s new Imperial Hefeweizen, like our flagship Hefe Weizen, is a smooth, unfiltered ale, but also features a pleasant hop flavor and a more full-bodied and robust taste. The limited edition ale … Continue reading →

Turmoil: Black IPA

My friend Kina from Baker City recently gave me a growler of the latest brew from Barley Brown’s Brewpub over there (one of the very few breweries in Eastern Oregon), named Turmoil. The style is a "Black IPA"; it’s a 7.6% alcohol ale, super hopped, and the twist is the black color. It resembles a Schwarzbier though as near as I can tell the darker contribution is primarily in color only, because it doesn’t taste … Continue reading →


The other day I received a promotional bottle of Flying Dog‘s Dogtoberfest, to go along with the press release. This is their fall seasonal, and a nice reminder that Oktoberfest is right around the corner (September 22 to October 7 this year). This is their beer that is brewed with 5 different malts and weighs in at 5.8% alcohol. And, just so my disclaimer is clear, this was a free promotional bottle from the brewery. … Continue reading →