Redhook’s Defy Ordinary Coaster Contest

This is a cross between a press release and commentary. First, the PR part: Recently, Redhook has launched an opportunity for its fans to immortalize themselves—in a soggy, cardboardy way. By visiting, fans can show how they defy ordinary by entering a simple picture. It will be displayed on … Continue reading

Dad’s Little Helper

The subtitle to Rogue‘s Dad’s Little Helper is "Malt Liquor" but don’t let that dissuade you—as their site quotes John Maier, "This ain’t your Dad’s malt liquor." It’s got the signature Rogue twist to it: it’s good! We picked up a bottle when we were in Ashland a few weeks … Continue reading

OBF Countdown: The beers

I’m looking over the list of participating breweries for the OBF and coming up with a list of must-tries. 73 breweries this year! And I’m sure there will be at least one or two last-minute changes or substitutions. There’s a fair number of beers I’ve already sampled, so like last … Continue reading

In-depth history of the Rainier Beer commercials

About a year ago I pointed to the classic motorcycle Rainier Beer commercial on YouTube (found by Jeff) and wondered a bit about some of the other Rainier commercials. Today, I got an email from Ed Leimbacher (blog), who, it turns out, was key in the development of those: For … Continue reading

Oregon Brewers Festival! Who’s going?

I am! The Oregon Brewers Festival starts up in just under two weeks, and I plan on being there Friday and Saturday. I’ll be taking notes, taking pictures, and my plan is to make it more of a "blogging" trip, if I can: try to be more involved with the … Continue reading

Quick note: Wailua Wheat

Came across some quick notes I wrote down a few weeks ago for Kona Brewing‘s Wailua Wheat. I had it on tap here in Bend at Kona Mix Plate, a Hawaiian grill restaurant, and since I hadn’t heard of it before I tried it. What caught my eye about it … Continue reading

The Beer Hacker: Writing a Beer Blog: Part 1: Setting Up

A few years ago there were only a handful of beer-related blogs, but that number has been steadily growing, thanks in large part to the availability of free weblog-hosting services such as Blogger and and the low barrier to entry these services have introduced In fact, today it’s easier … Continue reading

Deschutes 19th Anniversary Golden Ale

19th Anniversary Golden Ale is Deschutes Brewery‘s first ever bottled Belgian style ale, a nice 8.7% alcohol brew that I first tasted at the pub. I was impressed then and I’m still impressed after the bottled version. Appearance: Nice pale golden yellow… I fancy I even see a tinge of … Continue reading

A plethora of lists

Seems like there’s been a lot of "Best Of" and "Top X" lists being thrown around lately… I love this stuff. Here’s a rundown of what I’ve seen thus far: Beervana Bests – The Beers: Jeff kicks off a (somewhat) ongoing series of the Best in Oregon. His lists are … Continue reading

Twilight Ale

Twilight Ale is Deschutes Brewery‘s summer seasonal, one that is a locals’ favorite that everybody seems to be drinking when it comes out. It’s a nice, light, drinkable 5% alcohol brew that is, according to their website, "best enjoyed when chilled and consumed outdoors." I’ll drink to that. Appearance: Pale … Continue reading