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Press Release: 20th annual Oregon Brewers Festival celebrates banner year with record attendance

The Oregon Brewers Festival witnessed a banner year with a record attendance of 60,500 beer lovers at the 20th annual festival, and the largest number of kegs poured to date. The four-day event concluded on Sunday, July 29, at Tom McCall Waterfront Park. The event kicked off on July 26 with a one-mile brewers parade on the city sidewalks, led by Portland Mayor Tom Potter and accompanied by bagpipers, drummers, and beer lovers. Upon arrival … Continue reading →

OBF 2007: Day 2

My Day Two (Saturday) of the Oregon Brewers Festival was, as I indicated, more of a social day that a "pro blogger" day: my friend Justin and I went together. I still had my notebook, camera, and pack with me, and I took notes on the beers I was sampling, though that’s about it.

OBF 2007: Day 1, Part 2

Here’s my Part 2 of that first day of the Oregon Brewers Festival. These are more random observations that I wanted to touch on before moving to my Day 2 report. After tasting six beers at the northern end of the Brewfest, I wandered south to check out the rest of the action. Interestingly, the southern tent was obviously busier and packed with more people than the northern tent. I’m not sure about the reason … Continue reading →

OBF 2007: Day 1, Part 1

Even though the Oregon Brewers Festival starts on Thursday now (and, as media, I was officially invited to attend the brunch and parade that morning), I left for Portland Friday morning to attend that day and Saturday. I was able to stay with my friends, Justin and Raegan, who generously put up with me. Justin had to work on Friday, but made it down to the Brewfest after work and we went together on Saturday. … Continue reading →

OBF 2007: Brief note

More extensive writeups will follow, of course, but I must say, the Oregon Brewers Festival was really, really good this year. Lots of good beers, a few misses, and at least one that was good but very odd. It was also the first time I’ve been considered "Media" for blogging. I had a badge, even. Something I could definitely get used to. I hit all but one of my target beers, I believe. Pretty good! … Continue reading →