OBF 2007: Day 2

My Day Two (Saturday) of the Oregon Brewers Festival was, as I indicated, more of a social day that a "pro blogger" day: my friend Justin and I went together. I still had my notebook, camera, and pack with me, and I took notes on the beers I was sampling, … Continue reading

OBF 2007: Day 1, Part 2

Here’s my Part 2 of that first day of the Oregon Brewers Festival. These are more random observations that I wanted to touch on before moving to my Day 2 report. After tasting six beers at the northern end of the Brewfest, I wandered south to check out the rest … Continue reading

OBF 2007: Day 1, Part 1

Even though the Oregon Brewers Festival starts on Thursday now (and, as media, I was officially invited to attend the brunch and parade that morning), I left for Portland Friday morning to attend that day and Saturday. I was able to stay with my friends, Justin and Raegan, who generously … Continue reading

OBF 2007: Brief note

More extensive writeups will follow, of course, but I must say, the Oregon Brewers Festival was really, really good this year. Lots of good beers, a few misses, and at least one that was good but very odd. It was also the first time I’ve been considered "Media" for blogging. … Continue reading

OBF day!

I’m off to the Oregon Brewers Festival today—leaving shortly and driving to Portland. I’ll be picking up my press kit (as a blogger, I get full media privileges—how cool is that?) and start sampling beers somewhere around noon to 1:30, if all goes well. I’m wearing a white Arrogant Bastard … Continue reading

OBF Countdown: OBF starts today!

Even though I won’t get there until tomorrow and I think of the Oregon Brewers Festival as (traditionally) starting on Friday, it actually starts—well, started—today. First up was the Oregon Brewers Brunch and Parade, from 10am til noon (PDF here): The public is invited to join craft brewers from across … Continue reading

Burton Baton

Burton Baton is one of Dogfish Head‘s "Occasional Rarities" that I found when we were in Ashland. It’s a limited edition and can pretty much only be considered one of their extreme beers: it’s 10% alcohol by volume and their site describes it as A blend of oak-aged English strong … Continue reading

OBF Countdown: Other sites’ advice

Jeff at Beervana has a good Preview post up. I swear Jeff knows more about the OBF than anyone else I’m reading online… I think he must keep each year’s beer list in Excel or something. If you don’t know what kind of beer to try, Jeff’s guide should be … Continue reading

OBF Countdown: Gear and prep

Getting close to the Oregon Brewers Festival this week, and I’m thinking about what to take and carry while I’m there, wandering around the park. One thing to keep in mind is hydration—that’s probably the most important thing, because not only are you (potentially) drinking a lot of beer, but … Continue reading