Monthly Archives: June 2007

Rogue Portland Saturday Market Artisan Ale 2006

This is the heretofore-unknown Rogue ale I picked up on our Memorial Day trip to Portland, at the Saturday Market. There’s no style attached to it, other than the "Artisan Ale" tag, though I noticed with some surprise as I read the label more closely, getting ready to pour it, that they brewed with juniper berries. Interesting. This is a unique beer in that it doesn’t show up on either BeerAdvocate or RateBeer, which is … Continue reading →

Bend Brewing wins a gold at the North American Beer Awards

Saw this blurb in the local paper: Bend Brewing Company (one of my locals) won the Gold Medal for English Old Ale at the North American Beer Awards. The beer they won for was Outback X, one I’m actually not familiar with (sounds like an extreme version of their Outback Old Ale though). Congrats to Bend Brewing, they’re doing some good stuff lately (they won a Gold at the GABF last year, too). I haven’t … Continue reading →

Old Nick

Young’s Old Nick is a traditional English barleywine, though it may surprise people to find out it’s only 7.2% alcohol—in this day and age of super-strength beers, 7.2% sure doesn’t seem like much. Quite the contrary, it fits the traditional style exactly—and it’s not just the alcohol strength that makes a barleywine. Appearance: Deep red color, copper-brown at the edges. Head is thick, creamy, light beige. It has a very nice all-around look to it. … Continue reading →

Kegerator giveaway

I got the email for this a little while ago and kept forgetting to post it, and I’ve noticed the other beers blogs have been beating me to the punch, so here we go: The Kegerator Give-Away. It’s a contest running from June 1st through August 1st wherein you submit a paragraph describing why you deserve to win the free kegerator. One entry per person. They’ll draw a winner sometime after August 1st and notify … Continue reading →

Old Bounder

Old Bounder is a barleywine from Boundary Bay Brewing Company up in Bellingham, Washington. It’s 9.6% alcohol by volume. The site states: A rich, full-bodied barley wine with a smooth caramel sweetness, warming alcohol content and balanced hop character. Excellent with desserts as an after diner beverage. To be appreciated in moderation. Of course, "in moderation" is relative when you have a 22-ounce bottle… Appearance: Murky, rust or dark copper in color; nice light sand-colored … Continue reading →