Monthly Archives: June 2007

Sharkbite Red

It occurred to me that even though I brought back a case of Sharkbite Red from Pizza Port in Solana Beach, I’ve been neglectful in actually reviewing it—and it’s almost gone. Time to remedy that! Sharkbite is Port’s signature beer. They say, "A very robust Red ale made with Centennial and Cascade hops which lend a spicy finish to the beer." It’s a decent session beer at 5.5% alcohol by volume. Appearance: Deep amber—red-orange at … Continue reading →

Article on beer destinations

There was an article in Sunday’s paper that I found rather interesting, though it was picked up off the wire from AP and so has no set "home" online. So, here’s the article from a Toledo paper (first result I plucked from Google News): Wine country too snooty? Brewery hopping provides alternative. Although beer lacks a major destination such as Napa Valley, many beer aficionados are taking vacations that are more like extended beer runs, … Continue reading →

Red Barn Ale

Red Barn Ale is another of the beers from The Lost Abbey, one of their year-rounders. Their website says: This Farmhouse Ale traces its roots to the small rustic breweries of Southern Belgium. The word Saison comes to us from the French language and it means Season. Lightly spiced with Organic Ginger, Orange Peels, Black Pepper and Grains of Paradise, this brew promises to quench your thirst on the hottest Southern California days or wherever … Continue reading →


Devotion is a limited-edition brew from The Lost Abbey, one of the ones I received in the PR care package a couple of weeks ago. It’s a blonde Belgian abbey-style ale, served up in a 750ml corked bottle, and is one of their lower-strength beers at 6.25% alcohol by volume. It’s the first beer from The Lost Abbey that I’ve had, actually. I’ve had some of the Pizza Port/Port Brewing beers (from Solana Beach), which … Continue reading →

The next Session announced

The other blogs have noted this already, too… I seem to be falling behind these days. The folks over at the Hop Talk blog are hosting the July Session and have announced the theme: Atmosphere. Beer is about more than flavor, IBUs, and the debate over what is a craft beer and what isn’t. It’s about Life. It’s the proverbial icing on the cake. So, we want to know about the “Atmosphere” in which you … Continue reading →