The Session #3: The Mysterious Misunderstood Mild

Again this month I feel compelled to offer up my own subtitle: "Mild Meanderings." Largely because I wasn’t able to find an actual Mild Ale locally—though I came close, and I’m hopefully there at least in spirit—but also because I’ll be segueing a bit as I write this. The problem … Continue reading

Alaskan Smoked Porter (2005)

I’d had a 2005 vintage Alaskan Smoked Porter for awhile and decided it was time to try it. Overall I’ve found Smoked Porter in the past to be an excellent beer, and I wasn’t disappointed with this one. I really need to start buying one of these each year and … Continue reading

Beertown Brown

The latest offering from BridgePort Brewing is named after the city of Portland, albeit in an unofficial capacity: Beertown Brown. It’s their foray into the world of sessionable Brown Ales, and I think they pull it off rather well overall. It’s an English Brown Ale in style, at 5.2% alcohol. … Continue reading

Mild Ale notes (The Session)

The next Session is coming up this Friday, and it’s all about Milds. (Previously.) Jay (who’s hosting) posted a good piece about Mild Ales today, worth reading. The BJCP organizes milds under their Style #11, English Brown Ale, with 11A designated mild and two additional sub-styles, northern and southern English … Continue reading