Monthly Archives: May 2007

Off to Portland

We are heading off to Portland for the weekend, so don’t expect any posts for a few. If we get to any breweries, though, I’ll make sure to write about them.

Press Release: Leinenkugel’s Celebrates 140 Years of Legendary Brews

Leinenkugel’s takes a retrospective look at the beer, the family legacy and its loyal fans Nothing says “Happy Father’s Day” like a beer and brat compliments of Leinenkugel’s. Dads and beer fans alike can get away this Father’s Day weekend with the Leinenkugel’s family to celebrate 140 years of Leinie’s brewing history at the Leinie Lodge Family Reunion. For the fourth consecutive year, the legendary brewer from Chippewa Falls, Wis. is hosting a Leinie Lodge … Continue reading →

90 Minute IPA

It’s rare to find Dogfish Head beers around here, so when I came across their 90 Minute IPA recently, you’d better believe I was all over it. 90 Minute IPA is an Imperial IPA that weighs in at 9% alcohol by volume, and the name reflects a Dogfish innovation: the wort boil last for 90 minutes and the hops are added continuously during that time, rather than all at once at the beginning. A continuous … Continue reading →

Beers from Lost Abbey

Holy smokes! Check this out: I got a shipment today from The Lost Abbey, one of the breweries I didn’t get to while in San Diego, though I wanted to. They were kind enough to overlook this flaw in my beer travels and sent me their lineup of beers: Avant Garde Lost and Found Red Barn Ale Judgment Day Devotion Ale Ten Commandments The Angel’s Share Cuvee de Tomme (No, that list isn’t in the … Continue reading →

Tooheys New

Tooheys New is an Australian lager of 4.6% alcohol by volume. I had picked it up while looking for a Mild for the previous Session, not knowing it was a lager (and therefore unqualified), but game to try something new as always. Appearance: Very clear. Light copper in color, turning to gold-orange. Smell: Grainy lager smell—typical of that import type of lager, I’m finding (the macro lagers from the part of the world around Southeast … Continue reading →