Monthly Archives: May 2007

Laurelwood Public House and Brewery

In Portland, the Laurelwood Brewing Company occupies two locations: their NW Public House in northwest Portland, and their Public House and Brewery located in northeast Portland, in the Hollywood district. This Hollywood location is relatively new and very kid-friendly, and since we had the kids with us on our Memorial Day trip to Portland, we decided to try it out. First, a note about driving there: most likely (if you’re not native to Portland) you’ll … Continue reading →

Press Release: Flying Dog Brewery to Launch an "Open Source Beer"

Got this press release yesterday, and I’ll have more to say about it. I find it pretty interesting. Stan has already picked it up and commented on it, too. Denver’s Flying Dog Brewery today announced plans to release what is believed to be the first “open source” beer to hit the market in the U.S. “Open source” is a term most commonly used in the software industry and refers to any program whose source code … Continue reading →

Woody Creek White

Woody Creek White is Flying Dog’s new summer seasonal, the one they held a contest to name, and I was fortunate enough to receive a bottle from the brewery to review. It’s a Belgian Wit style of beer (commonly known as a "white ale"), a pale wheat beer brewed in typical Belgian fashion with (among other ingredients) orange peel and coriander. It’s a tasty style of beer, and I expected no less from Flying Dog, … Continue reading →

Beer pics

Just a quick post to document a couple of the "new" beers I found in Portland: Rogue‘s Portland Saturday Market Artisan Ale, and Cedar River Amber from Trader Joe’s. Here’s the Rogue. It’s their standard 22-ounce bomber. The year on the bottle indicates 2006, also, and it has a funky label. Here’s a closeup of that: The Cedar River Amber I found at TJ’s is offered under a "Northwest’s Best" label, but is really brewed … Continue reading →

Back from Portland…

Came back from Portland yesterday to find a package from Flying Dog at my front door: they had sent me a PR package containing their new Woody Creek White. Nice! Also had dinner and beers at Laurelwood Brewing Company‘s new(ish) Public House in Northeast Portland. We had the kids with us, and I’d been hearing that Laurelwood’s new place is very kid friendly (it is), so it was nominated. At the Portland Saturday Market, we … Continue reading →