Laurelwood Public House and Brewery

In Portland, the Laurelwood Brewing Company occupies two locations: their NW Public House in northwest Portland, and their Public House and Brewery located in northeast Portland, in the Hollywood district. This Hollywood location is relatively new and very kid-friendly, and since we had the kids with us on our Memorial … Continue reading

Woody Creek White

Woody Creek White is Flying Dog’s new summer seasonal, the one they held a contest to name, and I was fortunate enough to receive a bottle from the brewery to review. It’s a Belgian Wit style of beer (commonly known as a "white ale"), a pale wheat beer brewed in … Continue reading

Beer pics

Just a quick post to document a couple of the "new" beers I found in Portland: Rogue‘s Portland Saturday Market Artisan Ale, and Cedar River Amber from Trader Joe’s. Here’s the Rogue. It’s their standard 22-ounce bomber. The year on the bottle indicates 2006, also, and it has a funky … Continue reading

Back from Portland…

Came back from Portland yesterday to find a package from Flying Dog at my front door: they had sent me a PR package containing their new Woody Creek White. Nice! Also had dinner and beers at Laurelwood Brewing Company‘s new(ish) Public House in Northeast Portland. We had the kids with … Continue reading

Off to Portland

We are heading off to Portland for the weekend, so don’t expect any posts for a few. If we get to any breweries, though, I’ll make sure to write about them.

Press Release: Leinenkugel’s Celebrates 140 Years of Legendary Brews

Leinenkugel’s takes a retrospective look at the beer, the family legacy and its loyal fans Nothing says “Happy Father’s Day” like a beer and brat compliments of Leinenkugel’s. Dads and beer fans alike can get away this Father’s Day weekend with the Leinenkugel’s family to celebrate 140 years of Leinie’s … Continue reading

90 Minute IPA

It’s rare to find Dogfish Head beers around here, so when I came across their 90 Minute IPA recently, you’d better believe I was all over it. 90 Minute IPA is an Imperial IPA that weighs in at 9% alcohol by volume, and the name reflects a Dogfish innovation: the … Continue reading

Beers from Lost Abbey

Holy smokes! Check this out: I got a shipment today from The Lost Abbey, one of the breweries I didn’t get to while in San Diego, though I wanted to. They were kind enough to overlook this flaw in my beer travels and sent me their lineup of beers: Avant … Continue reading

Tooheys New

Tooheys New is an Australian lager of 4.6% alcohol by volume. I had picked it up while looking for a Mild for the previous Session, not knowing it was a lager (and therefore unqualified), but game to try something new as always. Appearance: Very clear. Light copper in color, turning … Continue reading