Monthly Archives: April 2007

Stone Brewing Company

More than any other brewery in San Diego, I wanted to visit Stone. (Sorry, others—not a sleight against you. I’ll get to you too, someday.) Part of the reason is that Stone is more well-known around here than the others, and (this sounds a little dumb) they have a kind of "celebrity brewery" cachet about them. For me anyway. So I was thrilled when we made it up there. The brewery and their restaurant—their World … Continue reading →

Coronado Brewing Company

Coronado Brewing Company is located in Coronado, the "island" across the bay from San Diego. Located on the east end of Orange Avenue (the main drag), we had lunch there while taking in some of the Coronado island atmosphere. It’s a very picturesque brewery from the outside, though once again I was a total flake with pictures. The best picture I was able to find comes from its BeerAdvocate page: Photo from BeerAdvocate You can … Continue reading →

Karl Strauss Brewing Company

Our first night in San Diego we visited Karl Strauss Brewing Company for dinner. They have several locations, and the one we went to was their downtown one, which is something like four blocks from the water. It’s a picturesque building too—but stupidly, I didn’t take any photographs. Hey, I’d been driving all day, I was a bit frazzled. So instead, I grabbed their own image from their site: It’s very cool, with the ivy … Continue reading →

The San Diego breweries I actually managed to visit

Well, despite my wish list of breweries in San Diego I wanted to visit, the realities of a family trip changed opportunities somewhat, but I still got to visit a good number. Mind you, I’m not complaining at all—I got to drink good beer everywhere we went, so that’s a good trip. I’ll write up more detailed reviews later, but here’s the list of the places we visited, in order: Karl Strauss Brewing Company Coronado … Continue reading →