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The Beer Hacker: Finding inexpensive beer

It’s the ongoing dilemma: you want to drink well, but are on a budget. Sure, you could always bite the (silver) bullet and go with the always-cheap "American macro lager" a là Budweiser or Coors. But notice the headline says "inexpensive" beer and not "cheap" beer—the distinction is important because all too often, "cheap beer" means those very same American macros I’m hoping to avoid—and of course when I write "drink well," I mean not … Continue reading →

Woody Organic IPA

Roots Organic Brewing, Oregon’s first organic brewery, opened up in 2005 in Portland and made a name for themselves brewing up locally-acclaimed beers. I say "locally acclaimed" because until recently (to the best of my knowledge, anyway), the only way to drink any of their brews was to visit their brewpub in Portland. However, our local good beer store—Newport Market here in Bend—started carrying their Woody Organic IPA. I snapped up a bottle when I … Continue reading →

OLCC is allowing minors at the OBF again

Back in January I reported on how the OLCC was banning minors and families from the Oregon Brewers Festival this year. Definitely a misstep, and cast a pall over the OBF for its 20th anniversary. Today, though, I’m happy to point to a post on the Beer Therapy blog: Minors welcome (after all) at OBF. Common sense has prevailed and minors will be allowed into the Oregon Brewers Festival, as they have the previous … Continue reading →

Pizza Port (& Port Brewing Company)

The final brewery review for our San Diego trip (skipping over Oggi’s, since I originally reviewed them here and it pretty much is the same) is for Pizza Port in Solana Beach. This is the original Pizza Port, though it has since branched out and there are several Pizza Port/Port Brewing locations around the area (including the notable Lost Abbey): Pizza Port was established in March of 1987 when we started making pizzas in our … Continue reading →

Heller Hound

This is the second free beer from the PR package I received from Flying Dog (the first I reviewed already). Heller Hound is a Maibock, a spring beer that is traditionally brewed for consumption in the month of May. Also known as a Helles Bock (literally, "Bright Bock"), the style, according to BeerAdvocate, "tends to be lighter in color than other Bock beers and often has a significant hop character with a noticeable alcohol around … Continue reading →