Full Sail LTD Series #1: Bock

To commemorate 21 years of brewing (seems to be going around), Full Sail is releasing a Limited Series of beers this year, their LTD Series. The first bottling is a medium-bodied, malty 6.4% alcohol Bock style of beer. Appearance: Very clear, orange-brown. Very clear. Thin head, it’s light tan. Leaves … Continue reading

The New Here’s to Beer site

I’m not the first to be writing about the new Here’s to Beer website—both Stan and Jay have beaten me to the punch (Jay’s review is comprehensive)—and I’m sure I won’t be the last, but I thought I’d throw my two cents in. Especially since the folks behind it took … Continue reading

Old Fezziwig Ale

Samuel Adams describes their seasonal Old Fezziwig Ale as "spicy and bold, a big Christmas cookie of a beer." It’s a brown ale style of beer sitting at a warm 5.9% alcohol, and comes in their seasonal packs during the holiday season. Appearance: Clear brown with garnet tints. Tan head, … Continue reading

The next Session: Dubbels

Alan over at A Good Beer Blog is hosting April’s Session and has announced the topic: Dubbels. Good choice, but one I didn’t really see coming. It’s all good. References: BeerAdvocate, Wikipedia.

Press Release: MacTarnahan’s Brewing Company Turning 21 Years Old

This is pretty cool. MacTarnahan’s is one of the “old guard” in Oregon and this Mac’s Madness party on the 14th sounds like a lot of fun. Congrats Mac’s! Birthday Celebration Featuring Portland Favorite MacTarnahan’s Amber Ale Portland, OR — March 1, 2007 — MacTarnahan’s Brewing Company, an affiliate of … Continue reading

Brown Shugga

One thing I’m figuring out that Lagunitas Brewing does is big beers. Really big beers. I had some of their holiday seasonal Brown Shugga and was surprised to see that it’s a 9.9% alcohol beer. That, along with a name that conjures up visions from a ’70s B-movie is almost … Continue reading

The Session #1: Obsidian Stout

Welcome to the first edition of The Session (or Beer Blogging Friday, or whatever the ultimate name will be—probably "The Session"): a group blogging effort on the first Friday of each month where individual beer bloggers will post on the that month’s tasting theme, and one person compiles all the … Continue reading