Monthly Archives: March 2007

Best title ever…

Is this: Beer: The Best Beverage in the World. I pretty much don’t care what the content of the article could be, they get a link based on that title alone. …actually it’s for a talk at the Palo Alto Research Center next Thursday, the 22nd. Sounds interesting: Brewing is the original biotechnology. For 6-8,000 years it has been a delight in the diet, resulting from a tremendously consistent process founded on intricate understanding of … Continue reading →

Samuel Adams Holiday Porter

Ah, more notes from the Samuel Adams seasonal gift pack; this time it’s their Holiday Porter. With a name like that, you expect something spicy and rich and perhaps fruity, but that’s not the case here—they’ve brewed up a solid, drinkable porter without any foofah and fanfare. At 5.9% alcohol by volume, it’s almost a session beer, and just about right for the style. Appearance: Chocolate tan head. Dark brown, like coffee, opaque-ish with red … Continue reading →

The mother of all St. Patrick’s Day events?

Yeah, it’s kind of PR-y, but this strikes me as being quite the St. Patrick’s Day celebration: The Guinness Storehouse Festival, taking place over the weekend. Three days of live music and "all the beer you can drink," the email assures me. The Guinness Storehouse® Festival kicks off on Friday March 16 th and will continue until the evening of Sunday March 18th Throughout the weekend, visitors to the Home of Guinness® will enjoy: A … Continue reading →

John Barleycorn Barleywine Style Ale

John Barleycorn is a "Certified Organic Barleywine Style Ale" brewed by Mad River Brewing Company. At 9.5% alcohol, it’s not as strong as some of these X-Treme Monsters being put out these days, but it’s still plenty strong for the style. The label is cool; according to their site, it’s "created by local artist Janis Taylor, is a folksy woodcut based on the tale of John Barleycorn in verse." You can also view the rest … Continue reading →

Press Release: Oregon Breweries Near Half Billion Mark in Retail Sales

Half a billion bottles sold, that is… the headline for this press release is "263 Million Bottles of Beer on the Wall," but that didn’t seem descriptive enough for me. Here’s the rest of the release: Oregon’s beer production grew at a rate of 16.5 percent in 2006, as the state’s craft brewers produced the equivalent of more than 263 million bottles of beer and the beer industry as a whole, pumped more than $2.25 … Continue reading →